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Calmed By The Tides of Rain – Hives EP

Calmed By The Tides Of Rain released the killer album, Phaeton, recently, that I raved about in my review on here and now the Russian slam deathcore band are back with a digital only 3 song ep, Hives. One of the things that I spoke about is that they had more death than core to […]

Calmed By The Tides of Rain – Phaeton

Calmed By The Tides Of Rain is what I would dub the Russian equivalent of U.S. deathcore/metalcore band The Acacia Strain, but with more of a death metal vibe and with more staying power. Listen, I know when some of you are seeing deathcore/metalcore in a review you’re gonna want to run for the hills, […]

Ossuary Anex – Awakening

Ossuary Anex is a brutal death metal band from Russia, so you know what to expect, since Russia is putting out some of the most vicious slam death metal bands right now.  My iTunes, when, I loaded the cd in, said it was a 2013 release, this was released pretty much on New Year’s Eve […]

Gutted – Mankind Carries the Seeds of Hell

The cries of heresy and treachery will go on for months, if not years, concerning the aural molestation administered by Morbid Angel’s latest abomination (not intended as a positive pun). Revisiting their back catalogue will go some way to easing the pain, but for me at least, it’s not enough, and something has to fill […]

Fetal Decay – You Have No Choice

Based on the cover art and album name, I was expecting some form of shitty deathcore, but I should have known better than that from Soulflesh Collector Records. Instead, what we have here is some very impressive Dying Fetus -styled (nay, worshiping — the moniker kind of gives it away I guess) slammy, downtuned death […]

Monumental Torment – Element of Chaos

Feast your ears on Russia’s answer to Brain Drill, otherwise known as Monumental Torment. Yes, there is an element of simplification in that description, but it is far from inaccurate. More importantly as far as Element of Chaos is concerned, it is anything but derogatory. What we have here is an album spilling over the […]

Painful Defloration – Antihuman/Antisocial

Among the few facts you can find about this Ukrainian trio online, is that they refer to their music as “aesthetic grind”. My pet peeve about bands inventing their own “one band” genres notwithstanding; I suppose the implication is that Painful Defloration is more concerned with artistic considerations than their genre brethren, which would be […]

Leptotrichia – The Repository

Soulflesh Collector’s ongoing quest to rule in the death metal underworld continues, and again, they’ve enlisted more talent from outside their homeland (Russia) to aid in their endeavor. Hailing not too far from label mates Human Parasite, this five man Belgian killing machine specializes in an altogether more sinister strain of brutal death metal than […]

Cephalic Impurity – Unique Brute Revival

One of the most fascinating aspects of human beings is how they progress as they grow. Some would believe that growth equals regression rather than progression and that is certainly a fact in some instances. When it comes to the development of a group of musicians, particularly one within the confines of a genre such […]

Human Parasite – Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe

As astutely observed by Erik in his review of Fitcage’s Pighumanity, Soulflesh Collector Records from Russia is definitely pushing to match Unique Leader/Unmatched Brutality/Sevared/Comatose etc in Europe as a top tier label for brutal death metal and the more eclectic strains of grind. Over the past eighteen months they have been clawing their way up the […]

Fitcage – Pighumanity

I really like what Russia’s SFC Records is doing; becoming the European/Eastern European equivalent of Unique Leader/Unmatched Brutality Records: Releasing a quality mix of brutal and technical death metal, that has good production values, good packaging littered with unreadable monikers like Cephalic Impurity, Human Parasite, Fetal Decay, Ruptured In Purulence and Leptotrichia. Not to mention […]

Sickening Horror – The Dead End Experiment

And so as 2010 winds down there’s still a few late arrivals from 2009 in my mailbox, but only a few are worth mentioning. At the top of the list is Sickening Horror’s follow-up to one of 2007’s very best death metal CDs: When Landscapes Bled Backwards. While these Greeks have a tall order to […]

Scrambled Defuncts – Souls Despising the God

Early on in my metal listening years, there were plenty of bands that were pushing the envelope in extreme metal. Bands that truly changed what I expected from death metal, black metal and such. Bands like Pan-Thy-Monium, Visceral Evisceration, Ephel Duath,  Summoning, Lykathea Aflame, Septicflesh, Arcturus, Emperor, Bal-Sagoth and such were just some of the […]

Acephala – Division By Zero

There’s not a single original note on the debut from the Ukraine’s Acephala, but what they do deliver is a solid slab of slamming Eastern European brutal death metal that should fit right in with the likes of label mates Katalepsy, Murder Intentions and of course, Devourment. With twelve bludgeoning songs (as well as an […]

Katalepsy – Musick Brings Injuries

Holy Mother Of God. This band OWNS. End of. There really is no need for me to continue, if you like death metal, scratch that, if you love death metal then you need this disc and if you love utterly putrid, massively slamming death metal then YOU MUST HAVE THIS DISC!!!! Hailing from Russia, Katalepsy […]