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Sickening Horror – Overflow

I love this band.  One of the few current death metal acts that actually tries to assemble riffs and varying moods, death metal as a whole needs this band.  Many have felt that their When Landscapes Bled Backwards record was their crowning achievement, and as fine an album as that was, I’m more prone to […]

Deepsend Records Sign Greek Technical Death Metal Act SICKENING HORROR

Greek extreme metal outfit SICKENING HORROR have signed with Deepsend Records for the release of the band’s third album, Overflow.   Overflow combines dissonant riffs with psychedelic melodies to create an all-encompassing metal journey. Adopting more groove and less technicality finds these Greeks crafting a much more memorable experience with Overflow. The riffs are still mindbending without being […]

Sickening Horror – The Dead End Experiment

And so as 2010 winds down there’s still a few late arrivals from 2009 in my mailbox, but only a few are worth mentioning. At the top of the list is Sickening Horror’s follow-up to one of 2007’s very best death metal CDs: When Landscapes Bled Backwards. While these Greeks have a tall order to […]

SFC Records to release Sickening Horror’s “The Dead End Experiment”

According to the label’s website: “We are proud to inform you that Sickening Horror (Athens, Greece) signed a deal with SFC records to release their second full-length album, which will be out on August 21-st 2009.The band was founded in 2002 and the first stuff has been created under the influence of monsters of the […]

Sickening Horror – When Landscapes Bled Backwards

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Thank you Willowtip for licensing this gem this from Neurotic Readers, what was the last technical death metal album that truly changed how you viewed and listened to technical death metal? A mind altering, genre smearing album that altered the death metal landscape? For me personally, I have to go back as […]