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Cryptopsy -The Book of Suffering (Tome 1)

An interesting thing has happened in extreme metal over the last twenty or so years.  As a genre, death metal once looked like it was limitless- not necessarily in terms of speed, technicality or the abstract idea of “brutality” but regarding where the style could go creatively.  The aforementioned traits no doubt were going to […]

Sickening Horror – Overflow

I love this band.  One of the few current death metal acts that actually tries to assemble riffs and varying moods, death metal as a whole needs this band.  Many have felt that their When Landscapes Bled Backwards record was their crowning achievement, and as fine an album as that was, I’m more prone to […]

Liturgy – The Ark Work

Writing a review for an album is fairly easy, despite what my output would lead you to believe.  In metal there are only so many (accepted) routes you can take, and even the most off-the-wall shit is endured for at most an hour in most cases and according to the inspiration of the artist in […]

Apocrophex – Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar

We all know what non-old school “death metal” sounds like in 2015.  I’d like to think we’re all bored of it.   I’d like to think we can make it savage again without moving backwards, since the idea of moving forwards in 2015 is more notes, more chugs, more sweeps, more frills, less substance.  Less “songs.”  […]

Ingurgitating Oblivion – Continuum of Absence

The ability to convey mood is a technique that may be lacking in metal more than it ever has.  As with any art form when it becomes oversaturated, the superficial elements that make up its basic skeleton get amplified over actual substance, making a hollow representation of what could have been a unique statement by […]

Pandemia – At the Gates of Nihilism

There is definitely a time and place for no-frills death metal.  It can probably be argued that that style might be the last true take on the genre now that death metal has been splintered into the factions of overly complex posturing or equally heartless Incantation worship.  It’s hard to not judge a record nowadays […]

Gorgasm – Destined to Violate

Gorgasm is smarter than you think. That being said, let’s talk about misogyny for a minute. This band was formed when you couldn’t rummage through a metal cd rack without getting slapped in the face with album cover upon album cover of dismembered women, and in today’s PC climate that doesn’t really happen anymore- maybe […]

At The Gates – At War With Reality

If you asked me prior to their releases which of the metal juggernaut albums of recent years had the greatest potential for failure, I would have probably went with the new At The Gates record. Despite many delays, we knew Gorguts would deliver a unique, organic experience, and while Carcass had a spotty past of […]