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Crocell – Prophet’s Breath

Denmark never has a shortage of quality bands and Crocell return with their fourth long player, in their relatively short existence.  I had never heard of them until last year when Deepsend Records label owner, Graham recommended them to me.  I picked up their discography from him and have been a happy camper ever since.  […]

Sickening Horror – Overflow

I love this band.  One of the few current death metal acts that actually tries to assemble riffs and varying moods, death metal as a whole needs this band.  Many have felt that their When Landscapes Bled Backwards record was their crowning achievement, and as fine an album as that was, I’m more prone to […]

Humiliation – Battalion

The Malaysian bulldozing death metal machine are back with yet another album, Battalion.  Ever since their inception, in 2009, Humiliation have released eps/splits’7” and albums, and with this marking their 5th long player, one has to wonder are they over-saturating the scene? As we speak, I am pretty sure they have ideas for album #6. Prior to […]

Emblazoned – Eucharistiae Sacramentum

Milwaukee’s Emblazoned just ripped our heads off last year with their debut Deepsend Records release with The Living Magisterium ep.  I enjoyed their blackened death metal brutality that also had plenty of nods to the 90’s death metal movement, which is what the band is heavily influenced by.  Now a year later the band have […]

Deus Otiosus – Rise

Danish blackened death thrash merchants, Deus Otiosus return with their 3rd full length, Rise, and second album with the awesome Deepsend Records. When Graham told me he had signed them a few years ago I had just purchased their 2010 debut, Murderer. To this day I still feel this is their best album. A monstrous […]

Deepsend Records Sign Greek Technical Death Metal Act SICKENING HORROR

Greek extreme metal outfit SICKENING HORROR have signed with Deepsend Records for the release of the band’s third album, Overflow.   Overflow combines dissonant riffs with psychedelic melodies to create an all-encompassing metal journey. Adopting more groove and less technicality finds these Greeks crafting a much more memorable experience with Overflow. The riffs are still mindbending without being […]

Deepsend Records & Clawhammer PR – Massive Summer 5CD Giveaway!

The fine folks at Clawhammer PR and the fine dude at Deepsend Records are here to liven up your summer with a Massive Summer Giveaway. A whopping 5 CDs are up for grabs from some of Deepsend’s brightest an brutalest bands; Old school death metalers Deus Otious, revived symphonic death metal blasters Agiel, reptilian techsters Embryonic Devourment, black death metal newcomers Emblazoned and chunky Danes, Ferocity. Take part now!

Agiel – Dark Pantheons EP

Back in 2002, 7 years before Fleshgod Apocalypse‘s debut Oracles, before Scrambled Defuncts, before. Ex Deo, The Monolith Deathcult, there was a brutal death metal band from the US called Agiel and they were using full on orchestration in their death metal. Now, bands like Hollenthon and Septicflesh were using orchestration and such, but Agiel were […]

Ferocity – The Sovereign

Calling yourself Ferocity is a risk, because if you’re going to give your band such a powerful name, you better make damn sure you bring the goods.  Luckily Danish death metal band Ferocity has done just that.  If you’ve followed the Danish death scene, there have been a number of heavy-as-hell acts coming out of […]

Emblazoned – The Living Magisterium EP

I buy pretty much every new release Deepsend Records puts out and label owner Graham Landers is always giving me recommendations from his label & outside his label.  He knows me and he’s always on the money with his recommendations, which my wife appreciates, with all my cds coming in every week.  I never heard […]

Humiliation – Turbulence From the Deep

About this time last year, I reviewed the 3rd album from Malaysia war mongering, death metal stalwarts Humiliation, From Strength to Strength, and it was a pretty damn solid affair of Bolt Thrower-y and Jungle Rot styled barbaric simplicity (I still rock the heck out of “Preposition of Violence” on my ipod). Well, the band […]

Hybrid – Angst

Hybrid is an apt name for this experimental Spanish metal act. Melding grindcore, djent, death metal, tech/math metal and jazzy experimental flourishes, the band is certainly adventurous with its sound, and on their second effort it creates one challenging, creative , if at times testing listen. This isn’t Azure Emote levels of crazy experimentation, but […]

Eternal Rest – Prophetic

Prophetic marks the debut album from Australian death metal band, Eternal Rest. The young band has crafted a solid, confident album that smacks of potential for a bright future ahead. The band plays with unyielding passion and intensity over the album’s concise duration, displaying their accomplished instrumental chops and growing stature as song-writers. Yet for […]

Deus Otiosus – Godless

Having not heard these guys before, but with them being from Denmark, featuring members of Cerekloth and Undergang and residing on Deepsend Records, I was fully expecting yet another slab of powerful, chunky Danish death metal a la The Cleansing, Dawn of Demise or Corpus Mortale. However, Deepsend threw me a bit of a curveball. […]

Corpus Mortale – FleshCraft

I have a bit of an emotional attachment to Corpus Mortale, their 2001 EP Succumb to the Superior was one of my very early reviews for, and exposed me to the Danish style of death metal I had not experienced yet, prompting me to seek out Iniquity and others.  But I lost touch with […]

Deepsend Records Signs ETERNAL REST

Deepsend Records is proud to announce the signing of Australia’s ETERNAL REST. The label will release the band’s debut album, Prophetic, in early 2013. The album was recorded and mixed by Joe Haley (Psycroptic). Eternal Rest hail from Brisbane, Australia. The band’s powerful energy can be heard on Prophetic, but must be experienced in a live […]

Deadly Remains – Severing Humanity

Along with Dark Descent and Willowtip, Deepsend Records are one of my favorite independent US based labels, especially when it comes to pure death metal. They’ve had a solid spring summer releasing quality albums by the likes of Offending, Synapses, the always reliable Dawn of Demise and even got into the reissue game with reissues […]

Synapses – Expiation

Italy has a surprisingly solid technical/brutal death metal scene.  Of course, there’s the more obvious  monsters like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance, but if you dig a little deeper and actually list bands like Antropofagus, Gory Blister, Illogicist, Vomit the Soul, Unconventional Disruption, Humangled, Psychofagist just to name a few, you start to realize […]

Offending – Age of Perversion

Almost equal measures of technicality, melody, and intricate groovery can be found on this unclassifiable modern death metal offering that is Offending‘s Age of Perversion. Hearing them get name dropped in the same breath as the likes of Vile, Hate Eternal, and Immolation (especially in these Frenchies’ state-of-the-art knack for suspense and profound unpredictability characterizing […]

Spectral Mortuary – Total Depravity

Whereas label and country mates The Cleansing struck quickly with their second album, Denmark’s Spectral Mortuary took a little longer to muster up a follow up on one of 2007’s most over looked death metal albums. I’m glad to shout that the wait was definitely worth it, as Total Depravity is a monster of  death […]

Cleansing, The – Feeding the Inevitable

The folks over at Deepsend Records really like their chunky Danish death metal, and particularly if it’s a band that features members of once respected Danish death metal acts. In the case of The Cleansing you have current and former members of Usipian, Iniquity, Corpus Mortale and Panzerchrist. And with label mates  Spectral Mortuary, you get […]

Diluvian – Epidemic

After a promising debut EP back in 2008, France’s Diluvian have unleashed their debut full length album, and while it continues the European melodic death metal meets deathcore stylings of their EP, its seems to lean a little more ion into deathcore realms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Fans of polished, beefy modern […]

Offending – Human Concept

With a moniker like Offending and vocalist named “”Jesus the Butcher”, there’s no real surprise that France’s Offending play death metal. What’s surprising is that even with the above elements, Human Concept is a pretty solid death metal album. Much like label mates Fleshrot or Porkfarm, Offending aren’t doing anything new, but they are doing […]

Deepsend Records to Release Coffins’ “Ancient Torture” CD

Deepsend Records is proud to announce the release of Japan’s COFFINS “Ancient Torture” Double CD Digipak. A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks, together on a deluxe double disc 8-panel digipak. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick. Pre-Order has already begun including exclusive package deals with […]

Dismal Lapse – Eon Fragmentation

Well, here is 2010s first top notch tech death metal release (the re-issue of Obscura’s Retribution does not count). After 2008s promising little The Nameless, The Faceless EP, this California trio have made all the necessary improvements and developments to start flirting with the likes of Severed Savior, Odious Mortem, Abysmal Dawn and such: busy […]