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Offending – Age of Perversion

Almost equal measures of technicality, melody, and intricate groovery can be found on this unclassifiable modern death metal offering that is Offending‘s Age of Perversion. Hearing them get name dropped in the same breath as the likes of Vile, Hate Eternal, and Immolation (especially in these Frenchies’ state-of-the-art knack for suspense and profound unpredictability characterizing […]

Offending – Human Concept

With a moniker like Offending and vocalist named “”Jesus the Butcher”, there’s no real surprise that France’s Offending play death metal. What’s surprising is that even with the above elements, Human Concept is a pretty solid death metal album. Much like label mates Fleshrot or Porkfarm, Offending aren’t doing anything new, but they are doing […]