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Dawn of Demise – A Force Unstoppable

Ive always been a fan of the underrated Danish death metal scene; Chunky, simple (and often intertwined) acts like Illdisposed, Iniquity, Corpus Mortale, Usipian, Koldborn, The Cleansing, and arguably one of the better recent additions, Dawn of Demise. After a solid debut in 2008s Hate Will Take Its Form and a cover based EP in […]

Unholy Matrimony – Croire, Décroître

Writing this review was difficult due to the fact that Croire, Décroître sucked my brain into a black, abysmal hole from which no reasonable thought could come (at least temporarily). Initially the whole thing felt without emotion, like something glossy that could be appreciated but not cherished, but once I got to the core I […]

Expulsion – Wasteworld

Well this was a nice surprise. Hailing from the Netherlands, newcomers Expulsion display some pretty serious chops on their debut full length Wasteworld. Combining elements of black and death into a ripping and technically stunning thrash assault, Wasteworld is a relentless beast from beginning to end. With mostly short and concise tracks, the songs on […]

Antagony – Days of Night

I rather enjoyed the 2005 self released second album, Rebirth from these Cali deathcore mongers who have/had strong ties to All Shall Perish. However, a lack of productivity since the bands 2001 debut, the immense growth of the genre and numerous line up changes, put the band behind the eight ball as far as the […]

Cleansing, The – Poisoned Legacy

Not content with Dawn of Demise and their super chunky, hefty style of death metal Deepsend has delved into the Danish death metal barrel once again, and pulled out another killer, similarly styled act in The Cleansing. Formed from the ashes of Usipian featuring cross band members of Panzerchrist and Corpus Mortale (notably Martin Rosendahl […]

Dawn of Demise – Lacerated EP

The debut album, Hate Takes its Form, from this Danish death metal act was a pleasant surprise back in 2007 and a nice find for Deepsend Records. So I was really looking forward to this EP, especially after hearing from the label owner that is was to contain 3 rather tasty cover tracks as well […]

Diluvian – Inhumanity Remains EP

Here’s a pretty solid debut EP from French act Diluvian (meaning a “deluge”) that combines melodic death metal and modern polished brutality (I hate to use the term deathcore here) into a impressive 5 song EP that holds a lot of promise. Though I’ve seen the term ‘deathcore’ thrown about in regards to this release […]

Devast – Art of Extermination

Hailing from Algeria in North Africa, Devast play a form of jagged, choppy, twangy technical death metal, that while fits all the paradigms of technical death metal, has a little of its own character and differs from the sudden flurry of California tech death that’s assaulted the scene of late. The 8 songs on this […]

Deepsend Records is proud to announce the signing of California’s ANTAGONY!!!

ANTAGONY from Oakland, California fuse the raw power of traditional metal with the hardcore infused death metal of Beneath the Massacre to form a massive conjuration of passion, darkness and unmatched heaviness. Three years since their critically acclaimed debut “Rebirth” and after 8 years of setbacks with constant lineup changes, Antagony is taking their classically […]

Ulcerate – The Coming of Genocide

Originally released on The Flood Records back in 2007, Deepsend has dug up this collection of Ulcerate’s first two demo CD’s and given fans a chance to hear the bands early material, before 2007s blisteringly impressive Of Fracture and Failure. Consisting of 8 tracks, four from the band’s untitled 2003 demo and four from 2004’s […]

Porkfarm – Blood Harvest EP

Could it be that death metal is making a comeback in the good ol’ UK? With Mithras, Man Must Die, Detrimentum, Spearhead, Sarpanitum and now the debut EP from Porkfarm, it appears so…. Compacting enough brutality and savagery into 6 songs to warrant any death metal fans attention, Blood Harvest is a death metal/grindcore mash […]

Dismal Lapse – The Nameless, Faceless EP

I’ve always admired Deepsend Records, for their DIY ethic and ability to release records from fairly obscure bands that manage to compete with the larger named, larger label releases, and releases by the likes of Porkfarm, Dawn of Demise, Lecherous Nocturne, Exitium and such show the band has an eye for talent, and the debut […]

Embryonic Devourment – Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy

In the last few months we have seen some stunning brutal/technical death metal releases from the likes of Ulcerate, Sickening Horror, Decrepit Birth, Brain Drill and Hate Eternal, so you’ll have to excuse me if the debut from California’s Embryonic Devourment falls a bit short despite its effort and skill. Though my lack of glowing […]

Dawn of Demise – Hate Takes Its Form

Taking the chunk of Danish/Belgian death metal, then lumber and lurch of Jungle Rot (and I hear some Hatework and Vore in here too) and the slam of say Eternal Suffering and Suffocation (without the complexity), Denmark’s Dawn of Demise have delivered a pretty damn stout offering of perfectly rendered death metal, giving Deepsend a […]

Lecherous Nocturne – Adoration of the Blade

Here is a very competent, visceral and exceedingly tight death/black metal record, but what would you expect from a band featuring drummer Dallas Toler Wade (who plays guitar in Nile) and bassist Mike Poggione (Monstrosity)?That being said, credit should not be taken from the other members (guitarists Christian Lofgren and Chris Hollis and vocalist Hohenstein) […]

Vancouver – The Moment

The Swiss have really latched onto the droning ambiance and ebbing builds of Isis, Cult of Luna and Neurosis with the likes on Zatokrev, Overmars, Impure Wilhemina and Vancouver (which features members of Impure Wilhemina) making a name for themselves on home shores. Signed to the usually grindcore and death metal based death metal Deepsend […]