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Dismal Lapse – Eon Fragmentation

Well, here is 2010s first top notch tech death metal release (the re-issue of Obscura’s Retribution does not count). After 2008s promising little The Nameless, The Faceless EP, this California trio have made all the necessary improvements and developments to start flirting with the likes of Severed Savior, Odious Mortem, Abysmal Dawn and such: busy […]

Dismal Lapse – The Nameless, Faceless EP

I’ve always admired Deepsend Records, for their DIY ethic and ability to release records from fairly obscure bands that manage to compete with the larger named, larger label releases, and releases by the likes of Porkfarm, Dawn of Demise, Lecherous Nocturne, Exitium and such show the band has an eye for talent, and the debut […]