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Lecherous Nocturne – Occultaclysmic

Having only heard Lecherous Nocturne’s debut release Adoration of the Blade and also being aware of some of the personnel changes amongst the band (such has Dallas Toller Wade / ex Nile for example) I wondered how this would affect the group and their sound. I quickly re-listened to the debut, to have a barometer […]

Lecherous Nocturne – The Age of Miracles Has Passed

Despite the switch from Deepsend to Unique Leader, little has changed in the Lecherous Nocturne camp. They still feature Mike Poggione (Monstrosity, Carpharnaum) on bass, they still unleash blistering blackened death metal, still under 30 minutes in length, and its still pretty good stuff. Coming it at 28 minutes, compared to Adoration of the Blade’s […]

Lecherous Nocturne – Adoration of the Blade

Here is a very competent, visceral and exceedingly tight death/black metal record, but what would you expect from a band featuring drummer Dallas Toler Wade (who plays guitar in Nile) and bassist Mike Poggione (Monstrosity)?That being said, credit should not be taken from the other members (guitarists Christian Lofgren and Chris Hollis and vocalist Hohenstein) […]