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Antagony – Days of Night

I rather enjoyed the 2005 self released second album, Rebirth from these Cali deathcore mongers who have/had strong ties to All Shall Perish. However, a lack of productivity since the bands 2001 debut, the immense growth of the genre and numerous line up changes, put the band behind the eight ball as far as the […]

Deepsend Records is proud to announce the signing of California’s ANTAGONY!!!

ANTAGONY from Oakland, California fuse the raw power of traditional metal with the hardcore infused death metal of Beneath the Massacre to form a massive conjuration of passion, darkness and unmatched heaviness. Three years since their critically acclaimed debut “Rebirth” and after 8 years of setbacks with constant lineup changes, Antagony is taking their classically […]

Antagony – Rebirth

I hope Abacus Recordings, Lifeforce, Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade are reading this because considering the recent releases by Embrace the End, Animosity and All Shall Perish, California’s rumblemasters Antagony are every bit as good within the confines of the so called death-core genre. Most will groan at yet another mix of death metal lurch […]