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Coffins/Spun in Darkness – Split 7” (Reissue)

Originally released back in 2009 on vinyl, the initial run of this split sold old. At just 500 records pressed, it was only a matter of time before this 7” was gone forever. Considering the slow groundswell that Tokyo, Japan’s Coffins has been enjoying over the past few years, it was inevitable. What else that […]

Coffins/Macabra – In Quarantine With Death

Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned two-way split on vinyl? Well, I would if I owned a phonograph. I sadly grew up in the time of the cassette tape, which was smashed in between the CD revolution and the death of the vinyl record. The older metalheads who, of course, are the only ones whose opinions […]

Coffins – March of Despair EP

As much as I’ve always liked the Japanese Gods of the Deathly and the Doomed (a.k.a. Coffins), I don’t recall enjoying one of their numerous releases on a multitude of formats (probably even 8-track) quite as much as new EP March of Despair. By that I mean that it ended up being more than a […]

Deepsend Records to Release Coffins’ “Ancient Torture” CD

Deepsend Records is proud to announce the release of Japan’s COFFINS “Ancient Torture” Double CD Digipak. A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks, together on a deluxe double disc 8-panel digipak. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick. Pre-Order has already begun including exclusive package deals with […]

COFFINS unearthed for West Coast US tour

Japan’s Coffins is finally making it back to the US after last year’s successful East Coast tour. This time they will bring the doom/death to the American West Coast. Going along for the ride are their Oakland label mates Stormcrow. The tour will start in Seattle on April 30th and culminate with both bands appearing […]

Coffins – Buried Death

With all the complexity and technicality being thrown around in death metal this year, the third full length album from Japan’s Coffins is a welcome relief of earthy, primal mid paced doom/death metal that will appeal to fans of Cianide, Runemagick and Autopsy. With a phlegmy, hacking, feedback drenched, down-tuned guitar tone plying simple oozing […]