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Emblazoned – Catharsis

   Wisconsin’s Emblazoned released their debut album, in 2014, Eucharistiae Sacramentum and it was outstanding.  Even topping their 2013 ep, The Living Magisterium.  They return with their second full-length, Catharsis.  Emblazoned have always had a black metal edge to the death metal sound and the black metal moments definitely are taking center stage with Catharsis.  […]

Emblazoned – Eucharistiae Sacramentum

Milwaukee’s Emblazoned just ripped our heads off last year with their debut Deepsend Records release with The Living Magisterium ep.  I enjoyed their blackened death metal brutality that also had plenty of nods to the 90’s death metal movement, which is what the band is heavily influenced by.  Now a year later the band have […]

Interview With Emblazoned

Emblazoned, burst onto the scene in 1999 and put out a demo in 2001 called Nocturnal Arsonist and then an ep in 2005 A Ceremony of Hellfire. This past year they unleashed a brand new incredible ep The Living Magisterium. The band incorporates killer blackened death metal with elements of thrash and some doom/death metal. I gave this ep high marks a while ago and think it’s fantastic. It’s really powerful and everything from the singing to amazing guitar riffs will stay embedded in your head for days on end. They hail from the midwest in the U.S. and anyone that knows anything about American death metal knows that some of the sickest and most depraved bands, as well as serial killers, come from this area. Kevin Forsythe is the guitarist for the band and I’ll forgive him for calling the Cowboys, the Cowgirls, since he’s a cool dude and sent this interview back to me quicker than Aaron Rodgers can say “My collarbone hurts”. My interview with him is below and be sure to pick up The Living Magisterium right after you read this.

Emblazoned – The Living Magisterium EP

I buy pretty much every new release Deepsend Records puts out and label owner Graham Landers is always giving me recommendations from his label & outside his label.  He knows me and he’s always on the money with his recommendations, which my wife appreciates, with all my cds coming in every week.  I never heard […]