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Teeth of the Divine “Thanks-giveaway”- 2 T-shirts up for grabs!!!

Yeeeah! We are just going to straight up giveaway 2 shirts from our recently opened, official merchandise store. No questions, No contest, simply two T-shirts given away to two randomly picked winners (one shirt per each). There are oodles of colors and logo designs to pick from, from black, brown, pink, and even lime green to go with the current times.

Angerot Vinyl Giveaway!

The autumn should be here but it’s not because, hey, turns out climate change is fucking real. To enjoy all that drought, floods and other catastrophes, Teeth of the Divine teams up with Clawhammer PR and Angerot to giveaway one copy of Angerot’s latest album ‘The Splendid Iniquity’ in vinyl! That’s right. One lucky bastard, chosen at random, will walk out with the limited edition black/red splatter vinyl. It also comes with a 12-page comic book, 11×17″ poster and the bonus track “The Conquering” as a digital download. So come on in and participate, it’s easy!

Transcending Records Winter Giveaway

What do you know? It’s still winter! Don’t believe us? Just look at all those fine specimen competing in South Korea! No? How about this then: We’ve teamed up with Transcending Records and Clawhammer PR for a WINTER GIVEAWAY where you can win, not just one, but two actual VINYL releases and 4 CDs from acts such as Cardiac Arrest, Rotting Obscene, Affasia, Vesperian Sorrow, Monolith Cult and Frost Giant. That’s a pretty big package Santa forgot to deliver. So what do you need to win this 2 LP + 4 CD package? Click on to find out!

Boris Records Vinyl Giveaway

If there’s one thing that’s mothertruckin’ hot right now, it’s nostalgia. And what could be more nostalgic than vinyls? Satan probably. Teeth of the Divine teams up with Boris Records and Clawhammer PR for a giveaway that combines both of those things. Yes, you read that right. One randomly picked winner gets his hands on one (1) 12″ and three (3) 7″ releases from the following bands: Vimur, Hellgoat, Cloak and Mangled. And what do you have to do to participate and perhaps—if Lady Luck is willing—get your filthy hands all over these records? Just fill a form right here, right now.


The fine folks at Clawhammer PR and the Fine Dude at Unspeakable Axe Records are in a giving mood. They have decided that one lucky Teethofthedivine reader is going to get a veritable swag bag of Unspeakable Axe goodies including 3 CDs, 1 Cassette, 1 vinyl record AND a damn T- shirt to boot. How Awesome is that?

Comatose Music – The Brutal Summer Giveaway!!!

Dog days of Summer are approaching. That means heat and sweaty gussets. The only remedy and answer for mother nature’s bukkakke of humidity is some brutal (and we mean brutal) death metal. It just so happens that brutal death metal is the specialty of Comatose Music! Thus, we’ll make the upcoming heatwave even more brutally intolerable by partnering up with Comatose and Clawhammer PR to throw four (4) of the label’s recent gut wrenching slabs of metal at you.

Blast Head Records and Teeth of the Divine present 10 CD Giveaway

The fine Canucks up in Canada’s Blast Head Records are in a giving mood as summer is right around the corner… probably because they never see the sun, right? Anyways to celebrate the upcoming warmth, the label is giving away 10 CDs, yep, ten CDs. And here is the great thing: YOU (or whomever wins) gets to HAND PICK the CDs from Blast Head Records’ releases!!! No questions, no judgement, no getting CDs you might not be interested in. Just 5 CDs each to two randomly picked lucky winners.

Clawhammer PR Celebrates Thanksgiving with a HUGE 10 CD Giveaway

The leaves are gone, the snow has fallen, and the Christmas decorations are showing up. That only means one thing: The great American tradition of gluttony awkward family gatherings…namely…Thanksgiving. To celebrate, the fine folks at Clawhammer PR have teamed up with Teethofthedivine and Comatose Music, Kaotoxin Records, Orchestrated Misery Recordings, and Unspeakable Axe Records to present a massive, 10 CD giveaway to celebrate Turkey day.

Deepsend Records & Clawhammer PR – Massive Summer 5CD Giveaway!

The fine folks at Clawhammer PR and the fine dude at Deepsend Records are here to liven up your summer with a Massive Summer Giveaway. A whopping 5 CDs are up for grabs from some of Deepsend’s brightest an brutalest bands; Old school death metalers Deus Otious, revived symphonic death metal blasters Agiel, reptilian techsters Embryonic Devourment, black death metal newcomers Emblazoned and chunky Danes, Ferocity. Take part now!

Clawhammer PR Spring Giveaway! Trenchrot, Omnivore, Shroud of Despondency, Insain and Cultfinder CDs up for Grabs!

The fine, if balding folks at Clawhammer PR, one of our very favorite PR companies is in a giving mood for spring. And one lucky, randomly picked reader will get some serious musical loot from some of Clawhammer’s finest clients; Old school Thrashers Omnivore, dusty death metal mavens Trenchrot from Unspeakable Axe Records, brutal French tech death metal crew Insain from Kaotoxin Records, USBM act Shroud of Despondency (Independent) and Black/Thrash Brits Cultfinder (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records).

Victory Records and TeethoftheDivine present: an extreme ERIMHA Giveaway!!!

Celebrate the return of fall with some metal and merch from Victory Records! Symphonic death metallers ERIMHA recently released their album Reign Through Immortality, and for those that like Dimmu Borgir and other bombastic, symphonic black/death metal, Erimha is a must listen and Victory Records wants 3 lucky TeethoftheDivine readers to get in on the action with a huge Erimha prize package and an added bonus prize!!!!

Transcending Obscurity and TeethfotheDivine Join Forces for 4 CD Contest!!!

The fine folks at webzine/label Transcending Obscurity are offering 2 of their releases to 2 lucky readers of Teethofthedivine. That’s right two lucky readers will each receive a copy of Drug Honkey’s disturbing 2012 release ‘Ghost in the Fire’ and the 2010 debut, ‘Impending Hostility’ from Polish war mongering death metalers Preludium.

TeethoftheDivine and Wretched Decay Records Present a Wretchedly Huge Giveaway

We are all about supporting independent, new labels and bands here at Teeth of the Divine. So when fledgling UK label Wretched Decay Records approached us about some reviews and a monster giveaway for all of you dedicated Teethers out there, how could we refuse? Were giving stuff away to not just one, not just two, but three randomly selected winners!

Apostasy Records Spring Giveaway!!!

The two bald and rather unkempt dudes at Clawhammer PR and Germany’s Apostasy Records have teamed up with to give away 6 Apostasy Records CDs. Two lucky winners will each get 3 Apostasy releases and all you have to to is fill out the form below. It’s that easy.

Massive FDA Rekotz CD Giveaway!!!!

Christmas (or other non denominational festival) is early here at Teeth of the Divine and playing the role of old Saint Nick is Germany’s own FDA Rekotz — home to the likes of German legends Blood and DEAD, as well as releasing the debut from Entrails. Through our divine holiday spirit, the label is offering 18, yes, 18 CDs to 3 lucky readers.

Listenable Records Giveaway!!!

We here at Teeth of the Divine (dot com) love giving people stuff. Especially if its someone else’s stuff. Or Herpes. So, those fine folks and Listenable Records and Clawhammer PR have been kind enough to donate eight (8) CDs to two lucky winners. What CDs you ask? Well how about the latest albums from Listenable artists Sarah Jezebel Deva, Tornado, Tormented and Serpentcult??? Let’s rock’n’roll!


What’s this? A new giveaway? That’s right, folks and what a giveaway it is! We’ve got no other than one of rock and roll’s legends and shock rock originators on board: Mr. ALICE COOPER! The man of horror has just released his latest album ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ and to celebrate the occasion—and the fact that it’s a great record—we’re giving away two copies of the album on CD format. But that’s not all as one of the copies is signed by Alice Cooper! So come on up and take part in Teeth of the Divine’s ALICE COOPER horror madness!

Underworld Records GIVEAWAY!!!

Goddammit! Yeah, the summer vacation is over and it’s time to return back to the routines; work, natural disasters, war, famine and whatever else plagues y/our mundane lives from 9 to 5. Luckily for you, Underworld Records have hooked us to provide you with an opportunity to make your fall play out on with a positive note: Three bands. Six CDs. Two lucky winners. We’ve got SLIME IN THE CURRENT, we’ve got KILLGASM and we’ve got EXCOMMUNICATED CDs ready to go.

Chaos Records Giveaway!!!

Well, we haven’t had a giveaway for a while here at, so we thought we’d reward your patience with a killer giveaway from an upcoming new label. Not just a CD, not just two CDs..oh no amigo! This is a full on 4 CD giveaway and a sick T-shirt will be thrown in for good measure.

Rotting Corpse Records Holiday Giveaway

‘Tis the season and all that. And in the spirit of all things festive and or Capitalistic, teethofthedivine is teaming up with Rotting Corpse Records to give 3 lucky winners, three of Rotting Corpse Records’ latest releases.

Epitomite Productions & Teeth of the Divine – Massive Fall Giveaway!

Epitomite Productions and Teeth of the Divine are are proud to team up for this mind blowing, ridiculous giveway. That’s why there’s a friggin’ nuclear explosion going on. We’ve got not one CD, not three CDs, not even five CDs… but NINE (9) CDs to give out! Count ’em! Nine CDs! And three T-shirts too!

Dark Descent Records Giveaway!!! and Dark Descent Records are teaming up to give 4 brutal CDs to one lucky TOTD reader.

The Sequence of Prime GIVEAWAY!

Teeth of the Divine and The Sequence of Prime are teaming up to give you the chance to be devoured by the project’s newest album, VIRION! Read the review and take part in the contest: We’re giving out three copies of the album for free, so Christmas might come early for you… if you survive.