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Hæresiarchs of Dis/Ophidian Forest – Darkest Origins

Darkest Origins is a Split release between two primitive, raw black metal bands- California’s one man act Hæresiarchs of Dis, who has three full length albums under their belt, the last two being on Moribund Records, and the international (US, Croatia and the Netherlands) act Ophidian Forest who have 2 self released albums to their […]

Excommunicated – Skeleton Key

Here’s the debut full-length from Louisiana’s Excommunicated, the new band formed by Chad Kelly of Catholicon (and UW Records founder). He’s joined by two cohorts from Suture and Despondency (Jonathan Joubert and Jason McIntyre respectively). The end result is a varied, enjoyable death/thrash record with an expected Southern-hue that deals with the extremely bloody and […]

Underworld Records GIVEAWAY!!!

Goddammit! Yeah, the summer vacation is over and it’s time to return back to the routines; work, natural disasters, war, famine and whatever else plagues y/our mundane lives from 9 to 5. Luckily for you, Underworld Records have hooked us to provide you with an opportunity to make your fall play out on with a positive note: Three bands. Six CDs. Two lucky winners. We’ve got SLIME IN THE CURRENT, we’ve got KILLGASM and we’ve got EXCOMMUNICATED CDs ready to go.

Killgasm – Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance

Well, my ears are still ringing after blasting this one on the MP3 player, so you know those black metal minor note “melodies” were pushing the treble reading beyond the red and into the abyss, as any USBM album worth its corpse paint should. Beyond the infliction of audio terror upon the listener, Bloodbath of […]

Slime in the Current – Pissed on Resurrectine

Are you ready for the Necro Pummel? You damn well better be because on Pissed on Resurrectine Baton Rouge’s Slime in the Current brings it cold, hard and with extreme malice. What a great debut album from a band that formed in 2006, yet whose members have been in “several noteworthy musical projects with over […]