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Excommunicated – Death Devout

Excommunicated have been around for 8 years and in that time, released a comp in 2011 and their debut full-length in 2011 Skeleton Key.  After quite some time Chad Kelly said F-this, I cannot continue to keep eating po-boys all the time, in Louisiana, let’s put  something out.  Putting down the huge sandwiches, Chad picked […]

Excommunicated – Skeleton Key

Here’s the debut full-length from Louisiana’s Excommunicated, the new band formed by Chad Kelly of Catholicon (and UW Records founder). He’s joined by two cohorts from Suture and Despondency (Jonathan Joubert and Jason McIntyre respectively). The end result is a varied, enjoyable death/thrash record with an expected Southern-hue that deals with the extremely bloody and […]

Underworld Records to Release Excommunicated’s Skeleton Key on August 15th

Underworld Records has set August 15th as the date on which EXCOMMUNICATED debut album Skeleton Key will be unleashed. Compositionally dynamic, atmospherically insidious, and impossible to forget, this is Louisiana blackened death that lacerates the soul and burns into the brain. A dark treatise on the medieval Catholic Church, Skeleton Key is that rare metal […]