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Moonlyght – Return to Desolation

You have to hand it to Blast Head Records, they certainly haven’t locked into a singular style for their releases and bands. They got pretty well most genres covered from brutal death metal (Hate Division, Nebulous), epic black metal (Valdrin, Eternium), grindcore (Nervous Impulse) and even Swedish death metal (Morbid Vomit). They also like to […]

Interview With Mörbid Vomit

While Sweden is the birthplace and home of buzzing, midrange death metal, other countries have dipped into the sound and come up with impressive takes on the sound. The Czech Republic (Brutally Deceased), Poland (Ulcer, Hereza), Greece (Wreckage), France (Skelethal) and even the US (Fatalist, Unwilling Flesh). Well Finland has their own impressive addition in Mörbid Vomit, an eclectic collective of current and former dudes from Black Sun Aeon, Devilhorn, Kivimetsan Druidi and The Zombi.

Blast Head Records and Teeth of the Divine present 10 CD Giveaway

The fine Canucks up in Canada’s Blast Head Records are in a giving mood as summer is right around the corner… probably because they never see the sun, right? Anyways to celebrate the upcoming warmth, the label is giving away 10 CDs, yep, ten CDs. And here is the great thing: YOU (or whomever wins) gets to HAND PICK the CDs from Blast Head Records’ releases!!! No questions, no judgement, no getting CDs you might not be interested in. Just 5 CDs each to two randomly picked lucky winners.

Mörbid Vomit – Return to the Crypts

So Canada’s Blast Head Records has thrown their hat into the retro Swedish death metal movement, and what an entry it is, digging up up Mörbid Vomit from the depths of Finland and compiling the bands 2012 demo and 2013’s self-released I Breathe Hell EP into one festering compilation. But you’d swear they were from the bowels of […]

Mörbid Vomit Set to Release ‘Return to the Crypts’ Compilation via Blast Head Records

Finnish old school death metallers Mörbid Vomit will be releasing Return to the Crypts later this year  on Canada’s Blast Head Records. The release will contain the band’s 2012 Demo, ‘I Breathe Hell’ EP + a bonus cover song exclusive to this CD. Says Blast Head Records owner Paul Shaw: “This is an Amazing album of old […]

Nervous Impulse – Time to Panic

I’m not sure what is going on on this album cover, but I’m pretty sure what’s going on with the music: bruising modern grindcore with elements of slam,  death metal and even deathcore. The 15 tracks short sharp bursts and less than 40 minute time plays into the classic grindcore tropes as do the trifecta of […]

Tyranny Enthroned – Our Great Undoing

St. Louis, Missouri is hardly a hot bed of premier metal like say Texas, Chicago or the East Coast. Heck, even Kansas City has more notable bands. I can count the numbers of excellent extreme metal bands I’ve heard from St Louis than had a larger impact on metal out side of Missouri? You can […]

Doperunner – Doperunner

From the usually more death metal based Blast Head Records comes the debut from Denver’s Doperunner and its blistering mix of punk, grindcore and sleezy, Southern blackened sludge. It’s a volatile, fun release that plays like a mix of Nausea, Soilent Green and Eyehategod or Iron Monkey. The 14 grindcore length tracks deliver an ample […]

Valdrin – Beyond the Forest

Despite hailing from the darkest depths of Cincinnati, Ohio, you’d be forgiven for assuming Valdrin reside in Scandinavia due to their impressive take of that locale’s melodic black metal sound as encapsulated by the likes of Emperor, Dissection, Naglfar and Dimmu Borgir. Fear not Dimmu Borgir haters, this isn’t overly pompous theatrical black metal, that is more […]

Human Infection – Curvatures in Time

From the ever improving Blast Head Records comes the second album from Virginia’a Human Infection and from the artwork and lyrics to the vocals, to the song writing and production everything has improved from the solid but forgetful debut, Infest to Ingest. Not that Curvatures In Time will be on an year end lists, but […]

Eternium – Repelling a Solar Giant

I’ve been looking forward to this release since Blast Head announced it a few months ago. Not just because it’s a Blast Head release, and the new label is really coming into its own, but Eternium hail from St Louis, Missouri my metal bereft neck of the woods, and feature Chad Griffin, formerly of short […]

Scordatura – Torment of the Weak

Having honed their craft since 2007 in the UK metal scene, Scordatura have unleashed their first full-length (originally self released but picked up by Blast Head Records), and this thing is an impressive debut. Jumping from the gates following a horror movie sample, “Necromantic Disposition” gets the show started, and the brutality starts to flow […]

Perversion – Pillars of the Enlightened

Perversion is a death metal band hailing from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Pillars of the Enlightened is their debut full length album (they had an EP, The Origins of Horror, in 2008) which was originally self released in 2012, but has been picked up by the fine folks at Blast Head Records […]

ADE – Spartacus

While a greased up Maurizio Iacono parades around in his pony tails, faux amour and recycles Kataklysm riffs under the guise of Ex Deo, Italy’s Ade have released their second album (I have not heard the band’s debut Prooemivm Sangvine) of truly Romanic inspired death metal, and it’s going to be one of the best death […]

Nebulous – The Quantum Transcendence of Death

There’s was a nice little run on under the radar technical death metal to finish 2012 and start 2013; relatively new or obscure acts like Inanimate Existence, Devolved, Ophidian I, Scent of Death, and  Nebulous aren’t household names in technical death metal, but if you are looking for some solid examples of the genre from […]

Blast Head Records Sign Ancient Roman Death Metal Band ADE

Blast Head Records is proud to announce their signing of Ancient Roman death metal band ADE for the spring release of their sophomore album entitled ‘Spartacus’, which features extreme metal drummer George Kollias and will be the band’s follow up to their 2009 debut ‘Prooemivm Sangvine’. True masters of music, ADE, formed in 2007, with the purpose of blending death metal with the traditional instruments of ancient […]

Tombthroat – Eden Apocalypse

The fifth release from young Canadian label, Blast Head Records is easily their best. It’s the fourth album from veteran, but new to me German death metal act Tombthroat, and it’s a scorcher of a death metal album. The 11 tracks contained on Eden Apocalypse are completely relentless, delivering pretty much blast after blast of […]

Human Infection – Infest to Ingest

So here is last of fledgling Blast Head Records’ three initial releases. Hailing from Roanoke Virginia, Human Infection self released Infest to Ingest last year, but Blast Head picked it up for release earlier this year, and unfortunately of the labels  first three releases, this is my least favorite. Human Infection play death metal. Bog […]

Parasitized – Existence Unveiled EP

Other than Mithras, Sarpanitum, Trigger the Bloodshed, Fleshrot (RIP) and Detrimentum, I’m not very familiar with the better of the brutal/tech death metal scene coming out of the UK, but here is Hull based newcomer Parasitized and their impressive debut 6 song EP. Though released independently back in 2010, fledgling Canadian label Blast Head Records […]

Splattered Entrails – Nauseate

So, I’m playing a bit of catch up here having just recently received CDs from new label Blast Head Records, based out of Canada and Belgium’s Shiver Records, so expect a few late 2011 releases, seeing as they sent actual CDs not digital files. First up is the first release from Blast Head Records, the […]