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Scordatura – Mass Failure

I was clued into Scotlands Scordatura a couple of years ago by Paul Shaw, then owner of Blast Head Records who re-released the band’s 2013s debut Torment of the Weak, a solid slab of no frills, American styled, brutal-ish, death metal. I missed the 2017 follow up, Self Created Abyss,  but on album number 3, […]

Scordatura – Torment of the Weak

Having honed their craft since 2007 in the UK metal scene, Scordatura have unleashed their first full-length (originally self released but picked up by Blast Head Records), and this thing is an impressive debut. Jumping from the gates following a horror movie sample, “Necromantic Disposition” gets the show started, and the brutality starts to flow […]