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ADE – Rise of the Empire

Ave! Italy’s Romanic death metal warriors ADE are back with yet another new line up,  another label and another quality album..despite that Dance of Death level artwork… Lone original member/founder/primary song writer Fabivs again has a whole new legion surrounding him including bassist Cornelvuis  and vocalist/lyricist Diocletianvs  (both formerly of Suicidal Causticity/ Oredreth), the band’s […]

ADE – Carthago Delenda Est

It’s been a busy couple of years since Italian death metal act ADE released their widely acclaimed second effort, Spartacus on Canada’s Blast Head Records in 2013. The band has switched to a label a little closer to home with Xtreem Music and undergone a significant line up change, with only two members from Spartacus remaining. […]

ADE – Spartacus

While a greased up Maurizio Iacono parades around in his pony tails, faux amour and recycles Kataklysm riffs under the guise of Ex Deo, Italy’s Ade have released their second album (I have not heard the band’s debut Prooemivm Sangvine) of truly Romanic inspired death metal, and it’s going to be one of the best death […]

Blast Head Records Sign Ancient Roman Death Metal Band ADE

Blast Head Records is proud to announce their signing of Ancient Roman death metal band ADE for the spring release of their sophomore album entitled ‘Spartacus’, which features extreme metal drummer George Kollias and will be the band’s follow up to their 2009 debut ‘Prooemivm Sangvine’. True masters of music, ADE, formed in 2007, with the purpose of blending death metal with the traditional instruments of ancient […]