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Purtenance- The Rot Within Us

I have been fortunate enough to review the last several Purtenance releases and The Rot Within Us is their fifth proper full-length album.  These Finish death metal slayers are not newcomers to the scene and after a 20 year absence returned in 2012 and since then their output has been good to excellent. Any fan […]

Sorrow- Death of Sorrow

I am unsure if the death metal world was clamoring for a reformation and subsequent new album from defunct NY death/doom metal act, Sorrow, who broke up in 1993 but here are some historical references about my connection to the band, or their other projects;  The band started in the late 80’s under the name […]

Fleshgore – Carnival of Flesh

After Swedish death metal, I’d put New Yawk/East Coast, slammy, groovy death metal as one of my next favorite styles in the genre. So when I get a promo that lists ‘For fans of Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Pyrexia and Skinless’, I damn well check out that promo. Fleshgore is a Ukrainian band that has been […]

Desecresy – Unveil in the Abyss

Finland’s Desecresy return with their 7th full length album Unveil in the Abyss. Those unfamiliar with the band must know Tommi Grönqvist is a one man band. He plays all the instruments, does all the vocals and this talented bastid also does all the artwork. Their album covers always having a main color theme and […]

Killing Addiction – Mind of a New God

Killing Addiction is a Florida death metal band which started in the late 80’s if you can believe that!  After a bunch of demos/ep’s and their excellent 1993 debut album, Omega Factor, they stuck around a few more years until disbanding and then putting the pieces back together in 2006 and since then have released […]

Ossuary Anex – Obscurantism Apogee

I have been a fan of Russia’s brutal death metal masters, Ossuary Anex, since their Awakening debut album close to a decade ago.  They have morphed into a brutal slam death metal band into some more technical death metal realms throughout their other releases and on their new 3rd album Obscurantism Apogee Ossuary Anex bring […]

Purtenance – Buried Incarnation

Member of Immortal Damnation, the 1992 debut from Finnish death metal band Purtenance is one of the best albums of the 90’s.  After disbanding, after the album was released, the band came back in 2012 to release the excellent Sacrifice the King ep. They followed that up the following year with the    Awaken from Slumber […]

Desecresy – Towards Nebulae

Finland’s Desecresy return with their 6th album and second as a one man act after Jarno Nurmi, vocals, departed after the Stoic Death album. Tommi Grönqvist continues along playing all instruments and singing and Towards Nebulae continues with the depressive, atmospheric and bulldozer heaviness we have come to expect from this great act. Opening with “The Gate”, this is one of […]

Killing Addiction – Omega Factor (Reissue)

Warning: negative nancy review ahead!!!!! (it’s been a while)….. Here’s one of those reissues that has be scratching my head. There are plenty of albums that deserved  a reissue- for example Desecrator’s Subconscious Release a few years ago, or God Macabre‘s The Winterlong, or Gorement’s The Ending Quest. Hard to find albums that were overlooked, or […]

Grotesquery, The – The Lupine Anathema and other Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre

To say I was pleased as Punch when I saw the new album, The Lupine Anathema and other Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre, from The Grotesquery in the review queue, here at Teeth of the Divine, is more than just an understatement. Considering the fact that the band had seemed to call it […]

Neoceasar – 11:11

Forgive me if you will, for as much as I like to use band comparisons for the ease and convenience of conveyance, I don’t want to be that guy who constantly mentions one band while reviewing another…but I’m gonna be that guy who constantly mentions one band while reviewing another. Though in the case of […]

Eruption – Cloaks of Oblivion

Slovenia’s Eruption came into my radar in 2013 when Xtreem Music signed them and remastered and reissued their debut 2009 album, Lifeless Paradise.  I was impressed by this thrash band, who looked to be developing a sound that could hang with the big thrash bands.  I immediately picked up the second album, Tenses Collide and […]

Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon

I’ve been a fan of Finland’s Desecresy for the last 5 years and have really loved their past 4 albums.  They used to be a two-piece act, but vocalist, Jarno Nurmi decided to bail last year leaving Tommi Grönqvist, who plays all the instruments and is the band’s artist, holding the bag.  Rather than pack […]

Holycide – Annihilate….Then Ask!

Holy gargantuan balls of steel, Batman! This is some straight up good shit right here. I  really was not sure what to expect from Holycide and their debut full-length, Annihilate… Then Ask!. Truth be told, I was basically looking for something other than death metal for reviewing purposes  and didn’t anticipate such a blistering and […]

ADE – Carthago Delenda Est

It’s been a busy couple of years since Italian death metal act ADE released their widely acclaimed second effort, Spartacus on Canada’s Blast Head Records in 2013. The band has switched to a label a little closer to home with Xtreem Music and undergone a significant line up change, with only two members from Spartacus remaining. […]

Grond – Worship the Kraken

For metal heads, there are few things in life an satisfying as pure, simple death metal. No orchestration, no tech overload no deep meanings or ritualistic interludes. Just pure death metal. And Dave Rotten of Avulsed and owner of Xtreem Music knows a little about it himself, as he and his band has been delivering the […]

Sickening, The – Sickness Unfold

Festering, Norwegian rot is the slophouse gruel served from four-piece skullfuckers The Sickening.  The overall attack is a slaughterhouse explosion with cattle guts, pig snouts and delectable innards flying in every direction.  Catchy, thrash metal viruses escape from the contamination ward while sloppy, sluggard death metal chug is laid to fecal waste thanks to guttural […]

Purtenance – …To Spread the Flame of the Ancients

No arguments that Finland’s Purtenance put out one of the finest death metal albums in the 90’s, Member of Immortal Damnation.  To argue would be stupid.  A few years ago the band put the pieces back together and …to Spread the Flame of the Ancients is their third release, & second full length since the […]

Desecresy – Stoic Death

Desecresy are an outstanding Finnish death metal act, that in their brief inception since 2009, have released now their fourth album.  They play an older style of death metal that mixes in influences from Autopsy to a lot of Bolt Thrower rumbling, tank like heaviness.  Never opting to go into blast beat territory this 2 […]

Nailgun Massacre – Boned, Boxed and Buried

Holland’s Nailgun Massacre return with their second album and will be a top ten for me this year, easily.  2011’s Backyard Butchery was a killer debut with tons of Autopsy tinged, memorable brutality.  Boned, Boxed and Buried has it beat.  Opener “Where’s the Head?” is so ridiculously catchy-your head will fall off from the non-stop […]

Famishgod – Devourers of Light

Dave Rotten’s Xtreem Music Label is one of the very best around, especially for his stellar reissues.  So Famishgod is a side project he is lending his guttural vocals to and Pako Deimler is playing all the instruments which also includes the drum machine programming.  Famishgod play an ultra heavy down tuned form of doom/death […]

Deathevokation – The Chalice of Ages (Reissue)

California’s Deathevokation released The Chalice of Ages, back in 2007. It has been finally repressed and comes with a bonus second disc containing their infamous 2005 Blood demo, their split eps (with Graveyard and Lie In Ruins) and some live songs. All of their music ever recorded is on here and I have to say when I […]

Frozen Dawn – Those of the Cursed Light

Those of the Cursed Light is the second album from this Spanish black metal act who have been around since 2006. . The first band that comes to your mind is obviously the unmistakable Dissection but then we haven’t heard any such bands of late, save for a couple of exceptions (Astrophobos), in this decade at least. Dissection itself hasn’t […]

Aurora Borealis – World Shapers

This US band has been around for years and years and it has mostly released albums via its own label, Nightsky Productions I remember the founder Ron Vento struggling to promote their music on forums back in the day and tracking its progress, each album was largely an improvement over the earlier ones. They play […]

Dissect – Swallow Swouming Mass (Reissue)

Xtreem Music return with a classic reissue of Dissect’s debut album Swallow Swouming Mass in a killer 2cd set.  This Holland based death metal act released this debut album some 20 years ago and it was overlooked by a lot of people, which is a shame, because it’s a kick ass record.  Sometimes presentation also […]