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Devangelic – Resurrection Denied

Are my ears ringing? Why is everything in this style sounding so similar? It’s like déjà vu all over again for the umpteenth time. I remember listening to this everywhere – in my car, in the room, even in the bathroom. I listen to metal a lot. I’ve heard this as Liturgy, I’ve heard this […]

Frozen Dawn – Those of the Cursed Light

Those of the Cursed Light is the second album from this Spanish black metal act who have been around since 2006. . The first band that comes to your mind is obviously the unmistakable Dissection but then we haven’t heard any such bands of late, save for a couple of exceptions (Astrophobos), in this decade at least. Dissection itself hasn’t […]

Aurora Borealis – World Shapers

This US band has been around for years and years and it has mostly released albums via its own label, Nightsky Productions I remember the founder Ron Vento struggling to promote their music on forums back in the day and tracking its progress, each album was largely an improvement over the earlier ones. They play […]

Megascavenger – At the Plateaus of Leng

Rogga Johansson is ubiquitous, numerous bands, numerous projects. Are they really necessary? Let’s look at the music – this man knows his Death Metal, he’s doing nothing wrong. He’s not diluting the essence, so to speak, he’s not doing anything ridiculous. Yes, he’s prolific but he’s keeping it interesting between his projects, be it say Revolting, Paganizer […]

Necrovile – Engorging the Devourmental Void

There’s something about Cannibal Corpse. It just doesn’t get old. Generations of bands have come and aped them the way they want. There are two eras of Cannibal Corpse worship as well – the Chris Barnes one and of course the Corpsegrinder one. Germany is most notorious where it comes to Cannibal Corpse-influenced bands, especially […]

Cadaveric Crematorium – One of Them

Cadaveric Crematorium is a special band – it’s trying to do its own thing in a sea of clones and redundant brutal experts. It’s not the most groundbreaking band but the best reference to give it would be Broken Hope in the 90s trying to get innovative, breaking away from its ‘The Bowels of Repugnance’ […]

Sol Negro – Dawn of a New Sun (Re-issue)

Sol Negro is this obscure Black/Doom Metal band from Seattle, Washington, which has been around since the late 90s but hasn’t really caught the eye of the international press or fans for that matter. It’s such a shame because this is an intriguing band if any. While it calls itself Black/Doom, it’s not wrong, but […]

Hateful – Epilogue of Masquerade

Hateful is Italy’s best kept secret in the Italian Death Metal scene. It’s built its reputation the hard way, without any fancy labels or big guys in the band line-up – solely on the basis of its music. This is not to take away something from the other bands, everyone has worked hard and met […]