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Mankind Grief – Monarch

I grabbed the debut full-length album from Barcelona’s Mankind Grief as Lacerated Enemy has released a couple of solid blackened deathcore releases already in 2022 ( Hurakan’s Via Eterna and Downfall of Mankind‘s Vile Birth) and Monarch had a song on it called “LV-426”, so I was hoping for a full-on Alien/Aliens themed album. Alas, […]

Kanine – Karnage

Now THAT is an album cover. T-shirt immediately purchased. But how is the music? Well, Lacerated Enemy has taken a break from symphonic/blackened deathcore and delivered us a fucking monster of a slam/brutal death metal record from France’s Kanine. And if you thought Organectomy (whose Nail Below Nail releases the same day as Karnage) or […]

Downfall Of Mankind – Vile Birth

You don’t want to know what I had to do to get a deathcore review from the hands of the boss man, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I won the first annual Teeth of the Divine Knife Fight Championships. Whether he was a willing or knowing participant is irrelevant. I still won and […]

Hurakan – Via Aeterna

France’s Hurakan (the Mayan god of wind, storm, and fire?) has apparently undergone a bit of rebirth from their first two more brutal death metal/slamming death/tech death albums, which feature songs titles like “Brutal Slamming Shit”, “Intergalactic Moo Moo Imperator”, “Xenometh” and “Transdimensional Whorehouse Spaceship”. They have changed logos, and now jumped on the more […]

Golgothan – Leech

Being a huge New Orleans Saints and LSU fan, I’m generally up for anything from Louisiana, especially musically where the likes of Crowbar, Soilent Green, and Goatwhore are concerned. There’s just something about that swampy, sweaty, moist riffage that appeals to me, so checking out the debut album from Lafayette’s Golgothan ( a literal ‘shit […]

Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us

Tapping into an intriguing mix of tech death and slam, Wormhole aim to expand upon the impressive groundwork laid on their 2016 debut, Genesis, a recent discovery of mine after initially overlooking the album. Some line-up tweaks failed to dull the impact of Wormhole’s cutting edge brand of technical sophistication meets guttural slam approach, and […]

Blade of Horus – Obliteration

As we plunge into 2019, the often patchy January release schedule provides ample opportunity to delve into the overlooked gems of 2018, particularly those that dropped during December, generally a month of slim returns. However, Sulphur Aeon and Beaten to Death headed the bands bucking the trend of end of year mediocrity. Another band of […]

Vomit Remnants – Collecting the Remnants (Compilation)

2017 is the year for Vomit Remnants, apparently.  We have their brutal new album, Hyper Groove Brutality and this extraordinary compilation, on Lacerated Enemy Records, Collecting the Remnants.  This 2 cd compilation compiles all of Vomit Remnants prior material to Hyper Groove Brutality. Vomit Remnants, hailing from Japan, began in 1997 and their material is […]

Primordium – Aeonian Presence EP

Primoridum is comprised of former members of shredding death metallers Heavy Lies the Crown.  If you’ve come for technical guitar permutations, forceful mid-tempo chunks, surprisingly melodic lead-work, ultra-clear bass licks and hyper-speed blast tactics, you’ll be in good hands.  This is a solid slab of punishment from these Indiana upstarts.  As ridiculously brutal as this […]

Veld – Daemonic (The Art of Dantalian)

To the untrained ear, death metal is simply death metal.  Those that have been fans of the genre over the years know better.  There’s the ripped-circuit board tech craziness, the burly chested guttural variety, the sloppy gore madness, the pleasingly melodic, the groove-oriented…  I could go on and on.  Belarus’ long-running bashers, Veld fall into […]

Cognizance – Inquisition EP/2014 Demo

Cognizance is a brutal technical death metal duo from the UK.  Their 2013 debut release was a 4 song ep that the record label just sent me and my god this is some of the best and most memorable tech-death metal music you will hear.  The ep features some guest musicians, with The Faceless drummer […]

Hiss from the Moat – Misanthropy

The debut album from Italians Hiss from the Moat has been described as blackened deathcore, because that’s exactly what we need in the metal world is another sub-genre.  Well fear not and don’t stop reading now, as I’m here to tell you there’s nary a ‘core element to this one, and if you’re a fan […]

Gaped – The Murderous Inception EP

Hailing from AustraliaGaped is 1 man death metal project, from Ryan Huthnance, & is some killer death metal.  He was formerly in Mortal Sin and my forthcoming interview with him will delve into how he does all the instruments, etc… The Murderous Inception is a 6 song ep that all lovers of Chris Barnes era […]

Necrambulant – Infernal Infectious Necro-Ambulatory Pandemic

2008 saw the emergence of this Arizona based guttural death metal act, that due to line-up troubles saw the band almost breaking up. Necrambulant put the pieces back together and their signing to Lacerated Enemy Records helped bring about Infernal Infectious Necro-Ambulatory Pandemic, their debut album. If you have bands like Epicardiectomy, Abominable Putridity or […]

Necrovile – Engorging the Devourmental Void

There’s something about Cannibal Corpse. It just doesn’t get old. Generations of bands have come and aped them the way they want. There are two eras of Cannibal Corpse worship as well – the Chris Barnes one and of course the Corpsegrinder one. Germany is most notorious where it comes to Cannibal Corpse-influenced bands, especially […]

Cerebrum – Spectral Extravagance

First impressions of the debut from Greece’s  Cerebrum, Spectral Extravagance are mixed. Is it brutal death metal? Tech-death? Jazz-prog-death fusion? Something -core? To be honest, after repeat listens, it’s still a bit confusing. According to label Lacerated Enemy Records, Spectral Extravagance is “progressive tech death.” The overall gist comes through, but it seems necessary to […]

Hiroshima Will Burn – To the Weight of All Things

Credit the Czech Republic’s Lacerated Enemy Records for nabbing the license for this Skull and Bones Records released debut from these young (and now split up) Australian upstarts Hiroshima Will Burn, a modern tech-death act that came along just soon enough to catch what is looking like the tail end of a minor trend of cherubic […]

Infertile Surrogacy – Postulate of Mass Genocide EP

Death metal from Congo? Really? When I reviewed Devast’s Art of Extermination a while ago it stood as the only death metal act from the continent of Africa (Algeria to be exact) I’d come across at the time. Now comes Postulate of Mass Genocide by Infertile Surrogacy and the question becomes, “Is African brutal death […]

Abominable Putridity – In the End of Human Existence

Bands outside the dominant demographics of heavy music (obvious internal Mecca’s being New York, Florida, Boston, Gothenburg, Quebec, etc, etc, countries there is no need to list we all know the whose who) usually fall into two divides. The first is that they take their influences (which can be easily detected) and compose thrilling pieces […]