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Interview With Vomit Remnants

Vomit Remnants have been a force in the international death metal community for over twenty years. It has been nearly twenty years since they last released a full-length album. 2017’s Hyper Groove Brutality released on Unique Leader Records is an album that was not without challenges. In this interview I have a conversation with Keisuke the drummer of Vomit Remnants. We go over Japanese language, the influence of Internal Bleeding. The bands that influenced them and what the challenges were in reforming Vomit Remnants and finding a label to work with. We also get into some of Keisuke favorite bands and talk about the scene in Japan.

Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality

Hailing from Japan, Vomit Remnants reunited in 2015 and Hyper Groove Brutality is their second album and first in 18 years.  Give it up for drummer and founding member, Keisuke Tsuboi for realizing his band had more gas left in the tank to deliver more devastating brutal death metal.  He’s rounded out the band with Kei […]

Vomit Remnants – Collecting the Remnants (Compilation)

2017 is the year for Vomit Remnants, apparently.  We have their brutal new album, Hyper Groove Brutality and this extraordinary compilation, on Lacerated Enemy Records, Collecting the Remnants.  This 2 cd compilation compiles all of Vomit Remnants prior material to Hyper Groove Brutality. Vomit Remnants, hailing from Japan, began in 1997 and their material is […]