Vomit Remnants
Hyper Groove Brutality

Hailing from Japan, Vomit Remnants reunited in 2015 and Hyper Groove Brutality is their second album and first in 18 years.  Give it up for drummer and founding member, Keisuke Tsuboi for realizing his band had more gas left in the tank to deliver more devastating brutal death metal.  He’s rounded out the band with Kei Ishida on guitar and vocals and enlisted brutal growler, Dimitry Orlov from Russia’s Fetal Decay.

What Vomit Remnants plan to do with live shows with members living, not around the block from one another is anyone’s guess.  Vomit Remnants’ early material was heavily influenced by my former band, Internal Bleeding, as well as Dying Fetus, Devourment, just to name a few.  Hyper Groove Brutality still retains the NY slam death metal edge, but adds in more speed, than their previous releases.

Opening with “Burning from Within”, an instrumental you know the shit is gonna hit the fan.  Some ferocious blasting and guitar soling towards the end before going right into “Hi-fI The Art of Rapture”, is the perfect true opening song.  Monster vocals and double bass, which are super-fast.  Triggered, but still Keisuke has some well-placed drum rolls and is a fast drummer.  The 1.09 part is excellent, before going right into a blast beat and I am heavily reminded of Dying Fetus’ magnum-opus Destroy the Opposition, with the sound of this album and song structure.  Dimitry does some excellent dual vocals. He can do the dual vocals that Dying Fetus utilizes with 2 singers.  You get the low end Gallagher vocals and then the higher/mid-paced moments ala Netherton.  He’s a great vocalist.  “Die Fast and Blasting” roars through your speakers with the monster double bass and killer riffing.  The 48 second part with pinch harmonics and slams is vintage 90’s NYDM and this part screams “Get in the pit and start throwing bodies all around”!  This should be their opening live track.  I swear with that slam part, it would leave sinkholes all across the club.  Then the 2 minute moment comes in with an outstanding bouncy slam section which is fun, catchy and inventive.

“Wire Rope Strangle” is important to mention as it features guest vocals from my buddy Henke, from Soils of Fate.  Of course the vocals are freaking monstrous and brutal beyond belief.  A very catchy song and has a fair amount of blasting and some super tight drum rolls, that go into a slam section with Dimitry coming back in to the fold to lay down some vocals too.  The 3 minute part is bouncy, catchy and then erupts into a monster slam and then a real nifty guitar solo, which I was not expecting.  “Supreme Indeterminate Power” closes out the album with blasts, pinch harmonics, some guitar sweeps and back into a monster Dying Fetus-like slam.  Killer!  The blast prior to the 2 minute mark edges towards gravity blasting then right back into the monster and catchy groove.  This part goes from lethal to devastating, pretty damn quickly.  You will not be able to pick yourself up from the ground, as your body lays in pile of vomit, bloody remnants and as you attempt to breathe, you’re then suffocated with a cool guitar solo, sweeping you off your feet and you ask yourself-”where did that melody come from?”  We are also treated to this solo courtesy of Mr. Paul Masdival!!

Hyper Groove Brutality has a super cool cover, just a thanks list, no lyrics and some pictures.  Vomit Remnants needed to release Hyper Groove Brutality, as it shows they have much to still offer with putting out such a freaking catchy and brutal album.  This is hands down one of my favorite death metal albums for this year.  Buy or Die a brutal death, if you do not pick this album up now and like their FB page!!

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
July 17th, 2017


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