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Vomit Remnants have been a force in the international death metal community for over twenty years. It has been nearly twenty years since they last released a full-length album. 2017’s Hyper Groove Brutality released on Unique Leader Records is an album that was not without challenges. In this interview I have a conversation with Keisuke the drummer of Vomit Remnants. We go over Japanese language, the influence of Internal Bleeding. The bands that influenced them and what the challenges were in reforming Vomit Remnants and finding a label to work with. We also get into some of Keisuke favorite bands and talk about the scene in Japan.

Ohayoo! Keisuke-san or kun… I never figured out the difference between using one versus the other.  Is one more formal than the other? 

Keisuke: Ohayoo! Nick-san!! The Japanese use many honorifics. We have to use respectful language when speaking to older people or superiors. “San” is honorifics language similar like “Mr” or “Ms”. If we use “Kun” to older people or superiors, that would be rude. Also, basically use “Kun” only for male. You can use “San” for both. It’s a very confusing language, haha.

Arigato Gaizamasu (thank you) for the explanation of that.  Well on to the brutal metal stuff… This interview wouldn’t have happened without Frank Rini. Talk to me a bit about what the relationship with Frank and the guys in Internal Bleeding.

Keisuke:  VOMIT REMNANTS was formed by INTERNAL BLEEDING Voracious Contempt’s followers in end of 1997. Frank Rini was hero for all of us. I have small history about how we were inspired by them. I imported INTERNAL BLEEDING’s unofficial live footage VHS tapes in 1997 right after formed VOMIT REMNANTS. The footage was taken in Long Island, NY (December 23rd, 1995), Milwaukee Metal Fest (July 26th, 1997) Rockford, IL (March 7th, 1996) and Milwaukee Metal Fest (July 29th, 1997). I brought them immediately to guitarist of former days in morning right before started his work. He said “Stop it!” right after I played that VHS tape. Then he called his work office and said “I’m feeling sick today, so I cannot go to work”. We invited bassist and we were drowned in watching videos during the entire day.

We were much impressed by their performance. So it was like dream when we played with godly INTERNAL BLEEDING at Ohio Death Fest in 1999. Frank had already left the band, so he was like unknown hero for a long time. But finally we became good friends lately. He is very cool person and still dedicated & supportive of underground death metal bands like us. As for the guys in INTERNAL BLEEDING we met back in America in 2001 for the tour. That’s an incident that cannot be forgotten! Chris Pervelis and Guy Marchais came our show in Castle Heights, NY! I’m so surprised I still cannot believe it. I got in touch with Chris and Bill since I started to use Facebook last year. Bill has been wearing VOMIT REMNANTS T-shirt in their video “Final Justice” which I gave him, but very unfortunately that is my last memory with Bill. I still cannot believe we lost an amazing person. I cannot come up with anything to say.

Keisuke-San, when you say that you were formed by INTERNAL BLEEDING Voracious Contempt do you mean that you were inspired to form a death metal band based on that release? Were there any other death metal bands at the time besides them that were influences early on? Do you have a favorite place that you toured through In the United States? What do you like and dislike about the culture of The United States? Would you say East Coast American Death Metal was the biggest influence on Vomit Remnants in the beginning?  Would you say any influences have changed from then to now? It is quite sad regarding Bill. I also was very much influenced by INTERNAL BLEEDING. Amazing person to get to know and become a friend with for sure. Glad that INTERNAL Bleeding is still going.

Keisuke: Yeah! That’s right! We were inspired to form a death metal band based on that release. All of us used to listen to early INTERNAL BLEEDING and we were aiming to be like them.

Also we used to play cover song like SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, MORTAL DECAY and CRYPTOPSY early on. We were highly influenced by them.

I especially like NY because that’s exactly the same American image as I had since before. Many races, many people, many buildings and dangerous image subway, haha. Also there are a lot of my favorite death metal bands in NY. It is a place full of greatest memories for me. What I disliked was fast food, hah. I have only memories I ate fast food, haha. Got a mouth ulcer due to lack of vitamins haha… Yeah Definitely East Coast American Death Metal was the biggest influence on VOMIT REMNANTS in the beginning. It has not change ever. It still has most important elements for us.

And yes, I respect that INTERNAL BLEEDING is still going on even when they are in deep sorrow. Always respect and love them and Bill will always be in my heart.

It has been eighteen years since the release of Supreme Entity. Granted there have been other releases in that time prior to Hyper Groove Brutality. Can you speak a little bit regarding the reformation of Vomit Remnants?

Keisuke: We had split up twice since band formed in 1997.First split up was in 2001 after North America Extermination Tour and we reformed in 2004 and split up again 2007 while recording new album and we reformed again in 2015.I am only one original member left and got over many difficulties to find new members. Especially for the reunion to re-record Hyper Groove Brutality was extremely difficult.
But i am so happy to release it finally!!

Would you say this release is an evolution of the sound of the group? How much did you want to keep this album in the vein of Supreme Entity?  In addition, how did you want to make this album different from Supreme Entity?

Keisuke: To be honest, I don’t think this release is an evolution. Of course the sound productions is best quality ever, but in the song writing process, I just tried to do exactly what I wanted to do. I think I could do everything on this release. I am not sure if it’s evolution or not though. But I wanted to keep the old sounds like Supreme Entity mainly, and tried to mix in something more technical and brutal stuff I couldn’t in past. I am very satisfied!

How is the relationship with Unique Leader? At what point did they reach out to you to do the album? 

Keisuke: At Ohio Death Fest 2001, I had heard rumor that Unique Leader was interested in us. We sent promo material in 2004, but they didn’t like it because it was very cheap quality. We recorded new material in 2005 with much better quality which they liked and we got a contract! We split up while recording for Unique Leader. I couldn’t give up the recording and I have been trusting that Unique leader was waiting for us because they didn’t erase VOMIT REMNANTS from their roster on their website. Finally I got all members in 2014, recorded new material again and asked Unique Leader. They agreed to deal with us again!! I’m glad I trusted Unique Leader and myself!

How has the response been thus far to Hyper Groove Brutality?  Do you plan on touring to support the release?  Any difficulties with that? 

Keisuke: I saw few bad responses when Unique leader released an advance track, but it was temporary stupid criticism. I didn’t care for it because we proudly released it and many popular musicians praised new VOMIT REMNANTS. After that, I did not see bad responses. Only great responses coming every day and seems to fans loves it!

Do you have a favorite track on the new record?

Keisuke: It’s difficult to choose one… but if I had to choose one, it’s “Wire Rope Strangle”. I think that it has best songwriting from me and includes sick guest vocals by Henrik Cranz of Soils Of Fate.

How did Dmitry from Fetal Decay wind up in Vomit Remnants? Was collaborating during the writing process of Hyper Groove Brutality difficult? 

Keisuke: I have been in touch with him since 1997 or 1998 when he was playing in a previous band called Filthy Flesh and his vocal in his current band Fetal Decay is one of my most favorites. Our previous singer Takanori left the band before the recording and I asked original singer Toshiyasu to replace him but he couldn’t do it. I had no idea how we were going to go on. Then I asked Dmitry, and he said “Yes!” I really appreciate his support and friendship.

There is an impressive amount of guest musicians on Hyper Groove Brutality. Vocalist Henrik Cranz of Soils Of Fate, guitarist Craig Peters of Deeds Of Fleshand Destroying The Devoid, and guitarist Paul Masvidal of Cynic/ex-Death. How did recruiting all of the help come about?

Keisuke: Previous singer Takanori did guest vocal on last Soils of Fate. It was great collaboration with my old brother band Soils of Fate. We have been good friend since formed the bands each other. So I wanted to put his guest vocal on our side as well. As for Paul Masvidal, I was conscious of Cynic’s atmosphere in very ending of the Hyper Groove Brutality. I thought if Paul Masvidal could help a guest guitar solo in the section it would be awesome. I have nothing to lose by taking a chance of asking him to do it and I could not believe that he agreed to take me up on my offer. Erik Lindmark from Deeds of Flesh introduced his guitarist Craig Peters to do guest guitar solo. Erik told me “He is ultra-shred!” so I have no reason to turn down.

I noticed that was produced by Darren Cesca.  How did getting him to produce album come about?  Do you feel having a drummer producing was an important detail for you? How much time did it take to record the album?

Keisuke: He helped me with some advice before the recording. He made a proposal to mixing and mastering in his studio Grind House Studio. Yeah! We thought having an extreme drummer produce was an important detail for me. I am very particular about drum sound. We spent one day for drum recording, two days for vocal recording and few weeks for guitar and bass recording. We spent a lot of time to drum samples replacement and editing some mistakes and re-amp for the guitars etc… We spent couple of months for mixing and mastering because he had to change settings for kick drum so many times probably more than 10 times, haha. I apologized to him for my selfishness, but he did really good job for us!

Do you feel technology has helped in the ability to collaborate more with people all over the world?  What have you learned from this?  How do this ability help with the creation of Hyper Groove Brutality?

Keisuke: Yes I do very much! We could discuss, make sure the process, fix mistakes and dislikes immediately. It was impossible 20 years ago. We got awesome sound productions which we can’t make it in Japan. Also had a lot of talking with Darren everyday during that couple of months. It became to nice memory also. Maybe I improved a little in English, haha.

What bands have you been listening to lately? 

Keisuke: Mostly I am listening to 90’s death metal stuff like Embalmer, Internal Bleeding Pyrexia, Mortal Decay, Deeds of Flesh, and Suffocation. Of course I am still listening to Pentagoria, Anal Blast and Teratism too!

Also I am listening to new stuff like:
Skin The Lamb-Monolithic (EP, 2016)
Eschaton-Sentinel Apocalypse (Full length, 2015)
Despised Icon-Beast (Full length, 2016)
Immortal Suffering-Asylum (Full length, 2015)
Blood Carnival-Demo 1999, 2001 and 2017
Afterbirth-Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation (Compilation 2013)

I can’t wait to get new Afterbirth-The Time Traveler’s Dilemma, new Dying Fetus-Wrong One to Fuck With, new Suffocation-…of the Dark Light and new Broken Hope-Mutilated and Assimilated

I am humbled by the Pentagoria, Anal Blast Teratism shout out. Thank you. That is awesome that you dig Despised Icon. I have known those guys a long time. Stayed at my home when they toured with Deicide back in I believe 2004 or 2005 right before The Healing Process came out if I remember correctly.  The details of that tour are still a bit fuzzy as the day they were here in Minnesota on tour was my birthday and I had a few too many drinks. Hahaha! There are some bands on your list I will definitely have to check out! Anyway, how is the death metal scene in Japan currently?

Keisuke: Unfortunately the scene is still very strange, small and weak. Only very few good bands playing. In fact, many Japanese bands are not going to an active advancement. A frog in the well knows not the sea, lol. Only good thing, many young people have been coming to see the shows even if they were not aware of us in the past and still old fans coming as well. That’s awesome!!

That sounds similar to how the scene here in the Midwest can be. Sometimes it seems like there are a plethora of bands coming through and then sometimes it is quiet.  Being that we live in a state that is subject to snowy winters sometimes winter is slower depending on the band and when and where they are routed tour wise.

Keisuke: That sounds similar here. For example south Japan(Okinawa) is hot even winter because it’s close to Southeast Asia. Versus north Japan(Hokkaido) is too cold in winter because it’s close to Russia.

But I can say Japanese death metal bands don’t tour many cities in Japan. Most of bands touring at Tokyo and Osaka. Because not many people come in countryside.

Keisuke-San, thank you taking some time to paint a detailed picture into the world of Vomit Remnants. It has been an honor getting to converse with you regarding your new album, death metal and the language of your home country. Hyper Groove Brutality is a Yattsukeru (Kick-Ass) album and wish you nothing but success and well wishes with Vomit Remnants moving forward!  Arigato!

Keisuke: Hahaha!!! Yattsukeru album!!! Thank you Nick-san for the interview and support for me and Vomit Remnants!!! Really appreciate it!! Also Thank you very much for the all of readers. If you haven’t our last album Hyper Groove Brutality,please check it “Wire Rope Strangle” at

I hope to it Yattsukeru track your ass!!!!



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