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Sentiment Dissolve – The Orwellian Dream

Canada keeps kicking out sick tech death bands in 2024. Sentiment Dissolve has been around since 2021. The Orwellian Dream kicks off with “Forced Birther.’  Right off the bat you can hear how intricate their arrangements and vocal patterns are. You can hear the Archspire influence on the vocal patterns which are quite impressive done […]

Grand Demise of Civilization – The Blaze of Abaddon

Minnesota’s Grand Demise of Civilization returns with their fourth full-length album. If you are not familiar with Grand Demise of Civilization they play a unique style of black metal. Part of what makes their sound unique is their use of eight-string guitars mixed with unbelievably relentless drum work. “The Redeemer of Wrath” kicks off the […]

Ad Patres – Unbreathable

Bordeaux France’s Ad Patres returns with the third full-length Unbreathable. I reviewed their last record A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments back in 2019. Ad Patres brings an excellent combination of technicality, musicianship, and brutality. There is no shortage of any of these items with this record. Things get kicked off with an eighty-second intro […]

Amiensus – Reclamation: Part 1

US Progressive Black Metallers Amiensus return with their fourth full-length record Reclamation: Part 1. The album gets kicked off with “Blink of the Moment” which right off the bat I am impressed with the production values. The clean vocals of James Benson and Kelsey Roe are outstanding. I dig the bass break played by Todd […]

From Dying Suns – Calamity

Canada keeps kicking out sick releases in 2024. Quebec’s From Dying Suns return with their first LP Calamity. This band features members of: Augury, Killotorious and Aeternam. Matthew Dhani, the vocalist of Killotorious is also the live vocalist for First Fragment. It is also worth noting that Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy mixed this. Calamity is […]

Sarcasm – Mourninghoul

Sweden’s Sarcasm returns with their fifth album Mourninghoul. Sarcasm plays a unique throwback style of classic Swedish Sound (Unanimated, Dawn, Early Gates of Ishtar, Early Desultory) mixed with moments of modern heaviness by bands like Morbid Angel. “As Northern Gates Opens” opens the album and I was hooked right away by the coldness of the […]

Hour of Penance – Devotion

Italian Technical Death Metallers Hour of Penance return with their ninth full-length record Devotion. I have been a fan of Hour of Penance since hearing their second full-length record Pageantry for Martyrs. Devotion gets kicked off with “Devotion of Tyranny” which reminds me a lot of their third album The Vile Conception. The guitar work […]

Houwitser – Sentinel Beast

The Netherlands Houwitser returns with their sixth album Sentinel Beast. If you are not familiar with Houwitser it is a project of former Sinister vocalist Mike Van Mastrigt. I was excited to hear that these guys were still active. If you have not, check out Mike’s other side band Neocaesar if you are a fan […]

Deception – Daenacteh

Norway’s Deception returns with their second full-length album Daenacteh. I have been a fan of Deception since their last record The Mire (2019). I was also pleased earlier in the year to find out that their guitarist vocalist Sindre Wathne Johnsen is now the new vocalist for Blood Red Throne. For those not familiar with […]

Wounds – Ruin

I have been waiting patiently for the first full-length from these sickos from Chicago patiently since their 2019 Light Eater EP debut. So, here we are, nine-track debut album. The opening track “Of Ruin” sets the tempo for the whole album. Kicking things off with a two-minute instrumental is a bold choice but it works […]

Apogean – Cyberstrictive

Toronto Canada’s tech deathsters Apogean make their debut with Cyberstrictive. Vocalist Mac Smith filled in for Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth recently. Off the bat, Zach Ohren’s (The Faceless, All Shall Perish, Immolation, etc.) mixing and Mastering work is elite. Things get kicked off with “Blue Night Sonata.”  The technical prowess of these guys is […]

Blood Red Throne – Nonagon

Norwegian Death Metal Juggernaut Blood Red Throne returns with their eleventh studio album. Nonagon sees the return of original drummer Freddy the Shred Boiso and the debut of new vocalist Sindre Wathne Johnsen. Things get kicked off in classic Blood Red Throne fashion with “Epitaph Inscribed.”   The track intros with a nice solo guitar line […]

Chaos Sanctuary – Instrumentality

How does a New Jersey Tech Death based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion sound? Well, I am intrigued. Things get kicked off with “Synchronization.”   First impressions are a mix of Spawn of Possession with a bit of earlier Archspire. The way they use vibrato is impressive. Pretty insane musicianship from these guys. Excellent guest […]

Wrath of Logarius – Necrotic Assimilation EP

Los Angeles Infernal Black Metal Wrath of Logarius (formerly Martyr Logarius) returns with Necrotic Assimilation.   This is an EP at a little over nineteen minutes.  Things get kicked off with a ninety-second intro track called “At the Knighted Throne”.  Kind of eerie swelling synth strings.   Tempo builds and builds and segues into track two. […]

Alchemy of Flesh – By Will Alone

Guitarist/Vocalist Tim Rowland’s Alchemy of Flesh album returns with By Will Alone.   A big change in terms of sound on this record is that he strictly uses six-string guitars tuned to D Standard.   The last album was a bit of a tribute to Morbid Angel, and it was noted that Rowland was trying to use […]

Alkaloid – Numen

Germany’s Alkaloid have returned with a massive double disc release in Numen.  For those of you not familiar with Alkaloid it is a side project of guitarist Christan Muenzer (Obscura) along with bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Check out his solo record also released this year) and drummer Hannes Grossmann (Hate Eternal, Obscura). The opening track of […]

Gory Blister – Reborn From Hatred

Technical Death Metal Italians Gory Blister returns with the 7th full length.  The album kicks off with a cool synth intro into some thrashy riffing over aggressive blasting.  Reminds me of a cross between Vader and Hate Eternal.  “Push through the Venom” gets things kicked off after a fun short intro.   The production is quite […]

Omnivortex – Circulate

From Helsinki Finland, Technical Dissonant Death Metallers Omnivortex returns with their second full-length Circulate. The album kicks off with “Dwells” which opens with a huge dissonant vibrato riff that leads the way for an impressive track.   What makes Omnivortex unique is their dual vocal approach. Both the drummer Aaro Osterman and guitarist Aaro Österman manage […]

Cryptopsy – As Gomorrah Burns

Montreal Technical Death Masters Cryptopsy returns with their eighth studio album As Gomorrah Burns. It was written over the last two years during the pandemic and they wrote and recorded this in a cabin to add to the horror movie-like ambiance.  This is the first full-length album since their 2012 self-titled release featuring original guitarist […]

Contrarian – Demos and Oddities 1995-1999

New York’s Contrarian has been an active contributor to the progressive death metal scene for quite some time now. Having released five full-length records through Willowtip Records Contrarian has decided to release an album of older material. What makes this release interesting is that all the tracks are instrumental. Founding members Jim Tasikas and Ed […]

Zenith Passage, The – Datalysium

California’s The Zenith Passage returns with their second full-length album Datalysium.  It has been seven years since their debut album Solipist was released.  I was very much impressed with their debut full-length.   These guys have an incredibly progressive and mechanical approach to technical death metal. This is the second metal blade album I have heard […]

Hatesphere – Hatred Reborn

Here we are in 2023, 5 years after their last effort (2018s Reduced to Flesh) and these long-time thrashers from Denmark are now on their eleventh studio album.  Hatred Reborn is another in a long line of awesome death/thrash albums going all the way back to 2001’s self-titled debut.  Hatred Reborn also marks the debut […]

Ominous Scriptures – Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition

I have been looking forward to this one. First off, the cover artwork is fantastic.  I am going to want to mail order this and get a shirt as well.  “Demonic Totem I Am” gets the album going.  The opening riff hook has a Deeds of Flesh Vibe to it and even more so when […]

Origin – Chaosmos

Kansas’s technical death metal powerhouse Origin return with their eighth full length record Chaosmos. Paul Ryan, Mikey Torres, Jason Keyser, and John Longstreth waste zero time pummeling the listener with the opening track “Ecophagy.”  The track starts off with a strong hook and then proceeded to get progressively more technical as the track goes on. […]

Analepsy – Quiescence

Portugal’s Analepsy return with their second full length album Quiescence. Having been five years since their last release it is quite immediate that the production values and song writing have both stepped and slammed up. Opening things up with “Locus of Dawning” the guitars fade in with some cool layering and harmony. I can hear […]