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Deception – Daenacteh

Norway’s Deception returns with their second full-length album Daenacteh. I have been a fan of Deception since their last record The Mire (2019). I was also pleased earlier in the year to find out that their guitarist vocalist Sindre Wathne Johnsen is now the new vocalist for Blood Red Throne. For those not familiar with […]

Deception – The Mire

Well, here is something fun in 2021 I was not expecting.   Hailing from Stavanger Norway Deception play a hybrid stay of technical, melodic death thrash.   As crazy as this sounds.  Picture Yyrkoon mixed Darkane.   Originally called The Art of Deception, The Mire is Deception’s third full length.   Clocking in at over 47 minutes these guys […]