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Laparotomy – Ascendancy through Hypnagogic Thought Process

Ascendancy through Hypnagogic Thought Process is simultaneously everything you expect and have heard from internet-ville brutal death metal projects, yet thoughtfully propelling the sound into a heightened realm of mind expanding slam mysticism.  Laparotomy is a studio project birthed by one Darryn Palmer, with drums and vocals provided by Justin McNeil.  Mr. Palmer is a […]

Insatanity – Hymns of the Gods Before

Well for God’s sake…no that doesn’t seem right. For Satan’s sake? No, that just sounds stupid. For fuck’s sake? Yeah…that sums it up pretty good. Oh for fuck’s sake! After twenty-four years since the release of the band’s debut album, Divine Decomposition, Insatanity have returned with a “sort of” new full-length album of blackened brutal […]

Deity- Deity

Canada’s death metal scene is much like many death metal scenes in other countries in that there are dozens of groups across the country putting their own spin on their own sound and approach.  Enter Canada’s Deity with their debut album Deity.  I could have very easily missed this release this year but after reading […]

Displeased Disfigurement – Origin of Abhorrence

SLAM! In South Africa! I was recommended to check out these guys by one of our writers and editors Erik Thomas.  First thing that came to my mind was whether or not there was a band called Pleased Disfigurement as well but that is a topic for a later date.  Having been around since 2001 […]

Mortör – Burn Up The Dead

Full on death/thrash from Canada, can’t go wrong with that right?. Mortör are like the perfect soundtrack for an intense gaming session of Doom or Call of Duty, be it as an individual or while playing online with others, this music will just fuel the adrenaline, and spur on that killer instinct. Guitars are of […]

Deformatory – Malediction

Deformatory is a band that caught my eye a few years ago, as their debut album, In the Wake of Pestilence, was a must-buy brutal death album the minute I heard it.  For the first LP in a band’s career, that one far exceeded expectations.  So when I heard that they were coming out with […]