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Origin – Chaosmos

Kansas’s technical death metal powerhouse Origin return with their eighth full length record Chaosmos. Paul Ryan, Mikey Torres, Jason Keyser, and John Longstreth waste zero time pummeling the listener with the opening track “Ecophagy.”  The track starts off with a strong hook and then proceeded to get progressively more technical as the track goes on. […]

Origin – Unparalleled Universe

Well Nuclear blast definitely has a busy summer ahead for brutal United States Death Metal Releases.  Between Origin, Suffocation and Decrepit Birth I wonder which one or two or all three will be on this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. Time will tell for sure.  One thing is for sure Kansas’s Origin are not wasting any […]

Origin – Omnipresent

When it comes to the technical-brutal death metal arena, few bands can lay claim to a having a bigger influence than Origin.  Their blasting, hyperactive take on the genre is one that sends mere mortals running for cover and leave listeners and aspiring musicians constantly asking “how the hell do they pull this stuff off?”  […]

ORIGIN: New Album Details Revealed!

Genre defining technical death metal giants, ORIGIN, will release Omnipresent on July 8, 2014 in North America via Nuclear Blast (and on Agonia Records on July 4th in Europe). Omnipresent was recorded with longtime producer/engineer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording in Lenexa, KS. The album was mixed and mastered atMenegroth – The Thousand Caves with Colin Marston, and features artwork once again by Colin Marks (NEVERMORE, KATAKLYSM, EXODUS). Regarding the artwork, vocalist Jason […]

ORIGIN to Begin Recording New Album!

Genre defining technical death metal giants, ORIGIN, recently returned home after a successful tour with GORGUTS (successful minus vocalist Jason Keyser dislocating his finger while on stage) and will enter the studio! Drummer John Longstreth checked in to give us the following update: “So in a couple of days, we’re off to the land of OZ to start working on the 6th ORIGIN album entitled Omnipresent. […]

Origin – Entity

What the hell is this? Melody and diversity in an Origin album? More than just skull-pummeling fury and seething insanity? Oh wait, they started that with Antithesis. So the thing you may be wondering about Entity, with its decidedly more varied structure and properties, a huge step in a new direction for Origin — does […]

Origin – Antithesis

While certainly death metal in 2008 is on the upswing with releases by Brain Drill, Decrepit Birth, and Hate Eternal, the fact is death metal is still just death metal. However, Origin, after four albums of complex yet relatively singular and forgetful speed, have now fully embraced and developed songwriting chops hinted ever-so-slightly on 2006’s […]

Interview with Origin

I don’t go to many shows being that I live in rural Central Missouri. So when the mighty Origin somehow got booked to play 30 minutes from my hometown in Columbia, Missouri I had to go. Not only for this interview but to witness arguably the most intense band around in a live setting. I was curious to see how the technical maelstrom of Origin translated live. Needless to say, even with a pain faced, triggerless James King, limited space and a relatively small (surprisingly female heavy) crowd, watching the eclectic racial mix of Origin perform live is a sight to behold. Particularly noteworthy are diminutive but always grinning bassist Mike Flores and guitarist Paul Ryan who literally mesmerized me with their fingers. After metalcore openers River Runs Red and local death metal act Omichron, I caught up with Paul Ryan to dig deeper into Origin…..

Origin – Echoes of Decimation

For some reason, Kansas’s Origin seems to be one of those bands the metal community has singled out for a rather undeserved level of internet harassment. Sure, on their self-titled debut they were a mindless vortex of speed, but on follow up Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas, I really thought the band improved and focused somewhat although […]

Origin – Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas

“Anyone who isn’t dead or from another plane of existence, would do well to cover their ears, right about now.” This superbly appropriate sample from the move “Dogma,” opens the song “Inhuman,” on Origin’s second album, Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas. Never has a sample been so fitting. I’ll be the first to tell you, I wasn’t […]