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Devourment – Obscene Majesty

Chug…chug… chug….blast…blast…blast…limbs are crushed…sinkholes erupt…lava explodes….ripped off heads…atomic blast…sky is torn…chest collapsing…atmosphere no more…planet dies……………….Yes, Devourment are back with their 5th album-Obscene Majesty, and their longest album yet at 47 minutes. They figured let us just bludgeon the listener more and more and if we do it longer than the beginning above part of this […]

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

I’m a little overdue on this one and frankly I didn’t really feel like chiming in with a review on Pig Destroyer’s latest platter of pain until some of the usual hype that comes with their releases died down.  They’re pretty much a love it or hate it proposition for most people at this point […]

Outer Heaven – Realms of Eternal Decay

I’ve had my eye on Outer Heaven for a bit as the band hails from my home state PA and a friend of mine introduced me to a pair of their singles.  “Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay” and “Into Hellfire” are the songs that made me take notice and convinced me that Outer Heaven was […]

Gruesome – Twisted Prayers

Back in 2015, Matt Harvey of Exhumed fame gathered some of his pals from Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa and released Savage Land, an  almost note for note  homage to Chuck Schuldiner,  Death and the seminal Leprosy album. He followed it up with an EP, Dimensions of Horror  a more raw release that seemed more focused on earlier Death […]

Genocide Pact – Order of Torment

If you enjoyed Temple of Void‘s Lords of Death last year, Washington D.C’s Genocide Pact will make you happy with their second album, their Relapse Records debut, Order of Torment as it present the same sort of simple, groove based mid tempo doom/death metal, just with a little less experimentation. As with Temple of Void,  […]

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry

Iron Reagan, the side-project from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour members return with their third album. I was a huge fan of their prior albums: Worse than Dead and The Tyranny of Will. Caught the band live, opening for the Napalm Death/Voivod/Exhumed tour and they were phenomenal live.Iron Reagan play a brand of crossover thrash, […]

Usnea – Portals into Futility

The apocalypse finally arrives. Water levels rise; the ground splits in two as previous terraforms are obliterated. Rains pour and fires rage with no end. Lush fields and calm plains instantly turn to sand under the fierce gaze of an unforgiving sun. Mother nature bears no ill will toward mankind but is also supremely unconcerned […]

Incantation – Profane Nexus

After one of the more successful comebacks of the last few years with 2012s Vanquish in Vengeance, death metal legends Incantation had a quick turn around with 2014s Dirges of Elysium, a solid album, but a bit of a step back with a cleaner, more sterile production and a bit of a rushed sense of […]

Obsessed, The – Sacred

  I was born in ’82, so while I was learning my ABCs Wino was already crafting a canon of masterpieces that still stand the test of time today.  The man has absolutely nothing to prove; reinventing himself from a hard livin’, outlaw doom rock n’ roll demon to a solo bluesman while exploring every […]

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With

2017 is turning into quite the year for veteran American  death metal acts; Suffocation, Immolation, Broken Hope and Origin have all released albums and later this year we even have Morbid Angel and Incantation releases. But elbowing their way through all of them is Dying Fetus and their eighth opus, and for lack of a better […]

Royal Thunder – Wick

Atlanta’s Royal Thunder have developed into quite the rock outfit. I enjoyed their last album Crooked Doors that came out back in 2015.  WICK has quite a different vibe from previous efforts, and this is shown right away with the opening track, “Burning Tree.” Opening up with some trancy, psychedelic-type guitar chord progressions, Mlny Parsonz […]

Obituary – Obituary

Ever since Metallica’s infamous 1991 album, self titled albums have always made me a bit leery. They always seem to scream sell out, contract out out or flat out of ideas. Throw in the simple ‘just our logo’ cover, the 10th album, and a song from a prior stopgap EP, and my spidey sense is […]

Drip, The – The Haunting Fear of Inevitability

  Well this is quite the slab of death tinged crusty grind core that will undoubtedly help 2017 get off to a smashing start. Washington’s The Drip are absolutely playing for keeps with their debut release The Haunting Fear of Inevitability.  “Blackest Evocation” get things off to a face ripping start. Brandon Caldwell’s vocals remind […]

Death – Scream Bloody Gore (Reissue)

In 1987 Death firmly put the stamp of the death metal genre on the map with the release of their debut Scream Bloody Gore album.  I received it on vinyl as a birthday gift that year and it is an album all us old bastards have memorized front to back.   Once again Relapse Records […]

Gatecreeper – Sonorian Depravation

Unless You live under a rock, and this is the first time you have ever visited this site or another heavy metal/extreme metal webzine, I’m going to assume you have heard of Arizona’s Gatecreeper, Relapse Records latest heavily hyped darlings. Partly because this is the first new band playing old school death metal Relapse has pushed in a while (let’s […]

16 – The Lifespan of a Moth

Man, there is just no replacing the classic sludge bands.  Bands like Grief, Negative Reaction, Cavity, Eyehategod, Buzzov*en, Crowbar, Acid Bath, Cable, Green Machine, Noothgrush Kilara, Iron Monkey, Sour Vein, etc. still resonate with me just like they did in the 90s when I first got into all of them; each one had a unique, […]

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror EP

With last year’s Savage Land, Exhumed main main Matt Harvey and basically his Chuck Schuldiner cover band Gruesome, delivered arguably the apex early Death worship album. But at the end of my review, I wondered how the band would follow Savage Land up. Would they still basically cover Death’s first 3 albums or would they […]

Wrong – Wrong

Let’s just suppose that, in 1994 or so, Helmet wrote some songs.  Also they had a time machine. They used it to travel a few years further back and coerce the Melvins to write a couple more songs for them. Then they screamed forward to last year and forced Converge to show them how to […]

Graves at Sea – The Curse That Is

Portland, Oregon’s Graves at Sea and I go way, way back.  I reviewed their Documents of Grief outing before it was an official press; at the time just a handmade CD-R that the fellas put together on the fly.  Directly after its release I had the distinct honor of interviewing the band (Nate and Nick) […]

Opprobrium – Serpent Temptation (Reissue)

Starting out in the late 80’s Francis Howard (Guitars) and his brother, Moyses (Drums), along with bass/vocalist Scot Latour would put together one of the most under-appreciated death/thrash bands, Incubus.  Hailing from Louisiana, Incubus would go on to put out the outstanding 1988 Serpent Temptation, debut album. They bested that 2 years later with Beyond the […]

Obscura – Akróasis

Every few years a album comes along that changes the game in tech death. Going back to this band’s namesake with Gorgut’s Obscura, Death’s seminal latter output, Origin, Atheist, Cynic, Necrophagist, Theory In Practice’s Colonizing the Sun, the Canadian scene, Gorod and others. And here is another one, in Obscura’s fourth effort Akróasis. These Germans are far from new comers  and certainly […]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Arc EP

As a longtime fan of these digitized, Maryland filth-grinders, I’m used to Agoraphobic Nosebleed slowing down with big, tumbling dirge riffs and back breaking weight.  They’ve showcased the tactic as early as The Poacher Diaries (split with Converge) and even back in the Honky Reduction days Scott Hull had a knack for busting his knuckles […]

Primitive Man – Home Is Where The Hatred Is EP

Primitive Man’s latest ep is an oppressive, aggressive slab o’ sludge…and a bit of grind…fine, slip in some crust parts too.  It’s an anthropomorphic equivalent to the imposing brutalist style housing project high rise that populate the part of town ,as whispered of by parents, “you don’t want your car to breakdown in”.  Zooming in […]

Fuck the Facts – Desire Will Rot

Fuck the Facts is, right off the bat, just the best band name ever. The end. Musically, the band dwells in a grindcore geography, but is not of a grindcore geography. They are more akin to Today is the Day than Pig Destroyer or Napalm Death, and the point of each song is not to […]

Tau Cross – Tau Cross

This was one of my most anticipated albums in some time; a supergroup comprised of Amebix’s Rob Miller, Michel Langevin (Away) from Voivod, Jon Misery from crust punk stawarts Misery, and Andy Lefton, from the devastatingly crushing War//Plague. I don’t know what I expected that to sound like, given how wonderfully eclectic Ambebix and Voivod […]