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Exhumed/Gruesome – Twisted Horror (Split)

This is a nice little ditty of a release with Matt Harvey leading the way in both bands.  For the Exhumed side it’s 3 songs and 2 for the Gruesome side – “The Gruesome Twosome”…I couldn’t resist.  5 songs in about 20 minutes and I have gone through this split multiple times and it’s a […]

Exhumed – Horror

Sweet Texas watermelon! Has it been two years already? Wow…it really doesn’t seem like a couple of years have passed since Exhumed released their fan and critic praised Death Revenge, but here I am blasting my eardrums as well as my face, clean into oblivion with the aural onslaught that is Horror, Exhumed‘s seventh full-length […]

Exhumed/ Iron Reagan – Split EP

Between this release and their recent blockbuster split between Cannibas Corpse and Ghoul, Tankcrimes has been on an early year roll.  This latest offering teams-up gore metal vets Exhumed with up and coming hardcore/punk/metal destructors, Iron Reagan, for an enticing cocktail of old school death metal and thrashy hardcore punk. They each supply four songs, […]

EXHUMED: Album Details + Trailer Revealed

Band Announces North American Fall Tour With Dying Fetus! With over two decades of gruesome grinding under the belts, you might assume West Coast horror hellions would be ready to slow down.  You’d be deathly wrong.  A true work of sonic repulsion, EXHUMED’s upcoming Necrocacy full-length is he band’s political manifesto for a new dark […]

Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory

When an album cover depicts four long haired zombies devouring the flesh of the dead from the grave, I expect it to be a very unrelenting death metal album. Dismemberment, mutilation, disembowelment and any other descriptor for human evisceration are what I expect to drive the music and lyrics. Exhumed delivers the splattered gore on […]