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Incantation – Unholy Deification

The creators of cavernous unholy death metal, Incantation, once again return to the table with Unholy Deification.  A 10-song 41-minute album that is not quite on par with their last album, Sect of Vile Divinities, which I reviewed three years ago, and which I hailed as one of the finest albums they ever crafted. One […]

Incantation – Sect of Vile Divinities

Incantation return with their 11th full length album, yes other than track order, Mortal Throne of Nazarene and Upon the Throne of Apocalypse is the same album except for the changed track order and different album cover.  I do digress for a moment – Relapse put out a stunning remaster of Throne… with a bonus […]

Incantation – Profane Nexus

After one of the more successful comebacks of the last few years with 2012s Vanquish in Vengeance, death metal legends Incantation had a quick turn around with 2014s Dirges of Elysium, a solid album, but a bit of a step back with a cleaner, more sterile production and a bit of a rushed sense of […]

Incantation – Dirges of Elysium

After a 6 year layoff, death metal legends Incantation returned in 2012 rather triumphantly with Vanquish in Vengeance, one of the  more successful reunion/ comebacks of the last few years. But how would the band respond after the comeback/reunion glow and excitement that often fogs objective reactions after long layoffs has faded and the band […]

Incantation Giveaway of Yuletide Blasphemy

Death metal legends Incantation just released their 9th studio album after a 6 year layoff, Vanquish in Vengeance through Listenable Records. At what an album it is! A crawling monster of doom/death that lays waste to all the pretenders and mimics and two lucky Teeth of the Divine readers can find themselves owning a copy of the album courtesy of the bald—but fine—folks at Clawhammer PR.

Incantation – Vanquish in Vengeance

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I never really got Incantation or Immolation in the early 9os. I was obsessed with Swedish death metal and Cradle of Filth  and both bands murky, muddy styles never really sat well with me. Heck, the only Incantation album I own and have really heard is […]

INCANTATION Reveal Artwork and Track Listing for Vanquish in Vengeance

US death metal pioneers INCANTATION have revealed the cover art and track listing for their anticipated new album, Vanquish in Vengeance. The long-awaited followup to 2006’s Primordial Domination, Vanquish in Vengeance carries a recurring lyrical theme that addresses the countless acts of genocide in the name of religion throughout our history. Guitarist/vocalist John McEntee comments: […]


As death metal legends Incantation are currently writing new material to be released next year, drummer Kyle Severn wanted to pass this on to fans as something to look forward to. “The new material we have been writing with new members Alex (Bouks also of Goreaphobia) and Chuck (Sherwood also of Bloodstorm) is beyond brutal, […]