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Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

I’m a little overdue on this one and frankly I didn’t really feel like chiming in with a review on Pig Destroyer’s latest platter of pain until some of the usual hype that comes with their releases died down.  They’re pretty much a love it or hate it proposition for most people at this point […]

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner

Pig Destroyer’s 2007 album Phantom Limb ended up on many year-end lists and was lauded as one of, if not the best, album that they have put out, so hype for this one was massive to say the least.  In a genre like grindcore where it can be hard to separate from the pack, Pig […]

Pig Destroyer – Natasha

Through no fault of my own I am behind the curve on this one. Back in 2004 I received the Terrifyer promo disc and, like all promotional copies, it was bare fucking bones. Nothing cool like bonus DVD’s are ever included. Originally “Natasha” was an additional bonus dvd to the Terrifyer release, a dvd with […]

Phantom Limb – Phantom Limb

First, a big effin’ “eff you” to Relapse for not including the lyrics with this promo. True, most extreme music lyrics are patent mush, but JR Hayes’ poetry is an essential part of the PD experience. Anyhoo… I’ve always wondered how some (very few) bands can actually recreate and express emotion in their songs while […]