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Duft – Altar of Instant Gratification

I don’t hear a lot about bands from Iceland. Sure, there’s Solstafir, and I’m positive many others, but they don’t come to mind. Duft is one such band, so add them. The country of origin is notable, but it’s not as if we have a new Solstafir. They’re entirely different. However, you should be paying […]

Six Feet Under – Killing for Revenge

“It’s not the worst thing ever,” says the custodian as he scrapes all the dried cum from in and around the glory hole. I didn’t wish for him to elaborate, but by instinct, I said “Wouldn’t it be easier just to do it when it’s fresh?” He scowled and I received no answer. Foolishly, I […]

Necropanther – Oblivion Jones: A Tale of False Consciousness EP

This certainly came out of nowhere. It’s an EP, not a new full-length, but new Necropanther is all I, and hopefully by extension, you need to know. Before really getting into the meat (dead panther meat, I guess) of the EP, this is exactly what I want from this medium. I’ve always thought of them […]

Atrae Bilis – Aumicide

Atrae Bilis is a Canadian technical death metal band not involving Phillip Tougas. Technical death metal has a place in my heart, but it’s one of those genres that’s hit or miss. My standard bearer has been Obscura for several years. The band and the 1998 Gorguts album. The reason is because of excellent songs. […]

Witch Vomit -Funeral Sanctum

A new Witch Vomit offering is almost a holiday ‘round these parts. It wasn’t a question of IF it would be covered, but more of a question of who would be; Myself or Steve K. Surprisingly, he put up no fight. I’m glad for once we didn’t come to blows (not that kind you dirty […]

Mutilation Barbecue – Amalgamations of Gore

Cleveland is a death metal town. I’m much closer to Pittsburgh but do make the journey to Cleveland somewhat regularly. My friend who books shows in Pittsburgh told me about a show he was considering but was on the fence. It happens to be my favorite band from this old-school death metal revival of which […]

Aborted – Vault of Horrors

Oh, Aborted. We share a little in common. When my parents talk about me, Aborted is brought up. It’s usually at the end of a sentence beginning with “you should have been,” but whatever. As for other things we have in common, there aren’t any. Their new album Vault of Horrors is indeed a new […]

I Am the Intimidator – I Am the Intimidator 

There’s a saying in my part of the good ol’ USA. “Raise hell, praise Dale!” I’m certain it’s used countrywide, but I believe my area, particularly a couple hours away from where I was born, probably has a trademark on it. I’m certain there’s no question it’s regarding Dale Earnhardt, or “The Intimidator.” Decals on […]

Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria

Lutharo: A timeline, Tarantino style. Rewind to November of 2023 and I happened to see Paladin was to play at one of my favorite venues, Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH. I gazed upon the digital flyer and saw Lutharo would be headlining. I remembered the band name, thinking someone at this site had reviewed them […]

Ihsahn – Ihsahn                                         

I don’t know if Ihsahn’s new album qualifies for one of my most anticipated of 2024 because I received the (streaming-only) promo slightly before it came out. It still hit me out of nowhere. I will confess to being a fan, but his solo works haven’t done much for me on the last few records. […]

Stellar Remains-Wastelands EP

Stellar Remains is an entirely new venture by Dan Elkin. I’ve scoured the web trying to find more info, but all I have is from the promo materials, so pardon my ignorance. The record label, Gutter Prince Cabal, has only recently appeared on my radar thanks to Fryktelig Stoy. I am forever grateful for them […]

Hulder   – Verses in Oath

Although it feels like it’s been a long time since Hulder released her debut, it’s been about 3 years. In the meantime, she’s had several short releases, toured, and has been working almost non-stop. This year, she’s releasing her new album Verses in Oath, as well as headlining the upcoming Decibel Tour with several other […]

Ghoul – Noxious Concoctions EP

I’ve said multiple times thrash is my least favorite metal sub-genre. Shortly after I am reminded of another thrash band I highly enjoy. It’s still perhaps my least favorite sub-genre, but it’s like picking your least favorite child. For most it’s difficult, but for me, it’s simple. It’s Danny. As for the EP, prepare for […]

Abhoria – Depths

Finally, we have Abhoria’s second full-length, Depths. I feel like this album has been teased frequently on social media. However, that may be because I follow their record label, Prosthetic, and the band. So, if there’s anything teased, I’m going to see it. Oddly enough, though, when I was finally sent the promo, I was […]

Guhts – Regeneration

Beginning with an eerie sound effect which could be from the creepiest horror movie of 2023 you haven’t yet seen, Guhts decides not to let it linger too long. You get some keys, tortured vocals, sludgy guitars, and a ton of atmosphere. That’s all within the first minute of the opening track “White Noise.” It’s […]

Escuela Grind – Dddeeaatthhmmeettaall EP

There’s very little I enjoy more than grinding my Escuela. I became an instant fan hearing their debut full-length, Memory Theater. However, where they truly shine is on stage. I’ve seen them in multiple venues and will again in February. They’re a “can’t miss” for me. I struggle to find a band with more energy, […]

Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory

2024 is coming in hot. I picked up this promo and a couple more biding my time and waiting for a new release to which I am also looking forward. It’s unnecessary to mention which, but it dropped mere days after I grabbed the debut full-length from Resin Tomb. Those circumstances almost caused me to […]

Plaguemace – Reptilian Warlords

Heavy metal is in dire need of appropriate album covers to get tattooed directly above one’s butt crack. Well, Plaguemace is here to provide that reptile you’ve always wanted above your b-hole. They provide some gnarly ass death metal to put up there, too. You’re going to get your typical new wave of old-school death […]

Convalescence, The –   Harvesters of Flesh and Bone  

Unlike my urologist when I was just a little guy, I really dropped the ball here. Don’t think about that one too hard, please. When it comes to The Convalescence, I heard of them but hadn’t listened. On a random Tuesday or Wednesday, I noticed they were playing at my friend’s venue outside of Pittsburgh […]

Warcrab – The Howling Silence

Anytime I think of Warcrab, I can’t help but be reminded of the meme/photo of the crab holding a knife. I sometimes identify with that crab. Crabs in general. Something about a hard shell and tasty insides. Legs spread and eaten. Hold on now before we all get hot and bothered. This isn’t that kind […]

Sorcerer – Reign of the Reaper

One of the surprises being a metal reviewer (not journalist, mind you), is receiving the new promo for a band of whom I have been a fan for a while now. It’s even better when it’s out of nowhere. In this case I am of course referring to Sorcerer and their new, streamlined album Reign […]

Theocracy – Mosaic

When it comes to Theocracy, I have a history. The idea is a deeper one. The band is a bit of one as well. Several years ago I was in what was one of my favorite establishments, a little record store called Magnolia Thunderpussy in Columbus, OH. They happened to be playing some epic power […]

Maul – Desecration and Enchantment EP (Cassette)

Let’s get something out of the way first: Fuck cassettes. I recall a conversation I had with a few metalheads slightly older than myself at a festival when one of the bands “only” had CDs and vinyl available as physical formats. Two young whippersnappers asked them if they had any cassettes, to which they replied; […]

Krieg –  Ruiner                      

Welcome to the Annual Cynicism Roundtable, where we bring the world’s prominent cynics together to share why we think the world is total bullshit. As always, I’m hosting several well-known guests, such as my first, Neill Jameson of Krieg. I’d ask how you are, but I think we all know the answer. On that note, […]

Fuming Mouth – Last Day of Sun

It’s been a difficult few years for Fuming Mouth since they released their debut, The Grand Descent. You can likely get that entire backstory from any other review of this album, so I won’t dive into it here. However, suffice it to say this band came out swinging with their follow-up, Last Day of Sun. […]