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Six Feet Under – Killing for Revenge

“It’s not the worst thing ever,” says the custodian as he scrapes all the dried cum from in and around the glory hole. I didn’t wish for him to elaborate, but by instinct, I said “Wouldn’t it be easier just to do it when it’s fresh?” He scowled and I received no answer. Foolishly, I […]

Six Feet Under – Nightmares of the Decomposed

According to the press release, this is full length number 17 for Smokey McPots (Chris Barnes). Apparently, there are 4 Graveyard Classics albums. Why? Anyway, I have 14 of those albums according to my iTunes library. I hold their debut Haunted in very high esteem, but the first real death metal record I ever heard […]

Six Feet Under – Undead

The round-up of dudes busting their chops behind Barnes this time around certainly is bringing the Six Feet Under sound into one much needed metamorphosis on Undead, making it one impressively varied and positively lethiferous affair that took me aback. The addition of Rob Arnold (ex-Chimaira) to the band’s ranks has been breathing a considerable […]

SIX FEET UNDER unveils track listing to GRAVEYARD CLASSICS 3!

Tampa, FL’s kings of groove laden death metal SIX FEET UNDER are back with their 3rd installment of the band’s cover series, Graveyard Classics 3, due out on Metal Blade Records January 19th 2010. Graveyard Classics 3 was recorded at D.O.I. Digital Audio in Tampa, FL, was mixed at Audiohammer Studios by Mark Lewis, and […]

Six Feet Under – Death Rituals

Another year another Six Feet Under album, but surprisingly like 2007s Commandment, Barnes and Co. appear to be back on track after a couple of albums of suck. With a change in producer and studio from Erik Rutan and Mana for Commandment to Chris Carroll at Morrisound, Death Rituals sounds a bit rougher and analog-y, […]

SIX FEET UNDER set to release ‘Death Rituals’ – track listing revealed!

Tampa, FL’s SIX FEET UNDER are set to release their 8th full-length studio album titled Death Rituals November 11th, 2008. Death Rituals features 12 tracks of pure American death metal delivering a bludgeoning slab of metal that will leave fans hungering for more. Legendary death metal vocalist Chris Barnes, along with guitarist Steve Swanson, bass […]

Six Feet Under – Commandment

Does anyone really care that Six Feet Under has released their seventh (original) album earlier this year? Apparently not; I didn’t get the usual hype from Metal Blade’s PR folks, just a discreet, late single package with little fanfare and I never saw much press online or in print concerning Commandent and I figured it […]