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Antiverse – Under the Regolith

Earlier this year, I reviewed a group called Inexorum which in my opinion is one of the best u.s melodic black metal albums of the year.  The songwriting and production is absolutely outstanding and if you have not checked them out.  Please do.  Now, on to Antiverse.  Antiverse features two members of Inexorum, Carl Skildum […]

Sunlight’s Bane/ Geist – Split 7″

Good fuckin’ lord my ears!  That’s praise by the way.  This two-way grindcore orgy is some of the foulest, filthiest, fastest and most fucked up stuff I’ve heard in a long time.  You get your organs embalmed twice; a pair of incisions by Michigan’s manic lords of grind, Sunlight’s Bane (formerly known as Traitor) and […]

Gorepunch – Give ‘Em Hell

Yes folks, you read that right – GOREPUNCH.  The endless use of the word “gore” somewhere in a band’s name just never ceases to amaze me.  This one is either referring to a special brand of drink, or an especially metal form of striking someone with your fist.  The moniker aside, what we have is […]

Mutilatred – Dissecting Your Future

Admittedly, I checked out Mutilatred‘s album based on the name, having snickered to myself, “Music is truly running out of band names”.  This is no cut on the band because we have certainly passed the point of peak band name in the same way that geological research has declared for oil.  Rather, it’s interesting to […]