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Aborted – Vault of Horrors

Oh, Aborted. We share a little in common. When my parents talk about me, Aborted is brought up. It’s usually at the end of a sentence beginning with “you should have been,” but whatever. As for other things we have in common, there aren’t any. Their new album Vault of Horrors is indeed a new […]

Aborted – Maniacult

I honestly don’t know how they keep doing it. Seriously, Belgium’s Aborted has been on a consistent roll for damn near a solid decade now. The band, having just released their eleventh full-length album entitled Maniacult, are once again steamrolling over the scene and their peers with a fantastic display of seething viciousness that nary […]

Aborted – Terrorvision

Ho hum… another couple years, and another killer album from none other than the almighty Aborted.  I mean it almost seems like these Belgians have been kicking ass for so long, you almost hope the metal world doesn’t start to take them for granted.  On the 20th year of this band’s existence, they’ve dropped their […]

Aborted – Retrogore

Every time a new Aborted album comes around, I can liken it to another output from Napalm Death, in which the question inevitably gets asked:  these dudes have been around forever, can they still bring the pain with the same piss ‘n vinegar of previous outputs?  I can say that for Retrogore the answer is […]

Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto

If you were to introduce someone to extreme metal, and they hadn’t heard the genre or weren’t previously a fan, you could do little better than to throw on the new Aborted album. It’s all that is right and enjoyable about the metal genre, and on their 8th full length album these Belgians show absolutely […]

ABORTED reveals details for upcoming album, ‘The Necrotic Manifesto’

Death metal psychopaths ABORTED have just finished their eighth full-length, The Necrotic Manifesto, with Danish producer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MERCENARY)! The album will be released on April 28th in Europe and on April 29th in North America via Century Media Records. Front-man Sven de Caluwé comments: “I can’t believe we did it […]

Aborted – Strychnine.213

Well for those of you hoping for a return to Engineering the Dead, there’s always next album. To be honest I liked the direction they were going in from Goremageddon on as I tend to prefer melodic death more to the bloodsoaked gore of their early albums. I’ve just never been that into gore for […]

Aborted – Slaughter and Apparatus A Methodical Overture

So here’s arguably the first “big name” death metal release of 2007 from Belgium’s Carcass worshippers, Aborted who really raised some eyebrows with 2005 chugfest, The Archaic Abbatoir. However, line-up issues may have finally caught up with the Sven de Caluwe and his cronies.First up, I should emphasize, Slaughter & Apparatus is a damn good […]

Aborted – The Archaic Abattoir

I’ve enjoyed listening to Aborted’s transformation from cold Floridian death metal clone to a menacing, groove filled, Belgian Carcass homage, and with the The Archaic Abattoir, Aborted have released the album that Impaled’s Death After Life should have been. Backed by Tue Madsen’s (Mnemic, In-Quest, Ektomorf, Heaven Shall Burn) massive sound replacing Goremageddon’s slightly mechanical […]

Aborted – The Haematobic EP

I have to admit that I didn’t soil myself by the band’s highly acclaimed Goremageddon CD, but I must say that this new EP really took me by the balls and delivered a sucker punch worth noting. The package consists of six songs out of which three are new, one is a decent Entombed cover […]

Aborted – Engineering the Dead

Coming from the same label that is responsible for the excellent Deranged, I had high hopes for this Belgium death metal outfit. Needless to say I was suitably impressed, but not exactly blown away. A glance at the cover and song titles give you a glaring indication as to what these five medical misanthropes are […]