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Ode And Elegy – Ode And Elegy

Holy Shit!, Here is a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Back in the mid 00s I was enamored with a band called The Pax Cecilia, who released 2 self-released and free releases with 2004s Ep, Nouveau and 2007s Blessed Are the Bonds, (which I covered back in the day at one of my other review sites […]

Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salvatis Meæ

During past Halloweens, I’ve set the mood for trick-or-treaters by playing horror movie music – The Exorcist, Halloween, Poltergeist – and baroque Cradle of Filth instrumentals out of the windows. If I really wanted to terrify our visitors this year though, I could switch it up for the new Blut Aus Nord. Then again, it might […]

Blueneck – Repetitions

England’s Blueneck continue the ‘tradition’ set by fellow country mates Anathema and Mick Moss’ Antimatter. The band’s newest album, Repetitions, doesn’t stray too far from 2009’s The Fallen Host; although I’d probably call this a tad more melancholic and minimalistic as the band’s post-rock roots are a bit more hidden. Instead of rambling on for […]