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Veld – S.I.N

I’m not too familiar with Veld, so after a little research I discover they are from Belarus, have been around since 1995 and have 3 albums under their belt , including 2015s Daemonic (The Art of Dantalian) , which was reviewed and enjoyed in these very pages. So I thought I’d give album number 4 a go. […]

Veld – Daemonic (The Art of Dantalian)

To the untrained ear, death metal is simply death metal.  Those that have been fans of the genre over the years know better.  There’s the ripped-circuit board tech craziness, the burly chested guttural variety, the sloppy gore madness, the pleasingly melodic, the groove-oriented…  I could go on and on.  Belarus’ long-running bashers, Veld fall into […]