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Desecresy – Unveil in the Abyss

Finland’s Desecresy return with their 7th full length album Unveil in the Abyss. Those unfamiliar with the band must know Tommi Grönqvist is a one man band. He plays all the instruments, does all the vocals and this talented bastid also does all the artwork. Their album covers always having a main color theme and […]

Desecresy – Towards Nebulae

Finland’s Desecresy return with their 6th album and second as a one man act after Jarno Nurmi, vocals, departed after the Stoic Death album. Tommi Grönqvist continues along playing all instruments and singing and Towards Nebulae continues with the depressive, atmospheric and bulldozer heaviness we have come to expect from this great act. Opening with “The Gate”, this is one of […]

Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon

I’ve been a fan of Finland’s Desecresy for the last 5 years and have really loved their past 4 albums.  They used to be a two-piece act, but vocalist, Jarno Nurmi decided to bail last year leaving Tommi Grönqvist, who plays all the instruments and is the band’s artist, holding the bag.  Rather than pack […]

Desecresy – Stoic Death

Desecresy are an outstanding Finnish death metal act, that in their brief inception since 2009, have released now their fourth album.  They play an older style of death metal that mixes in influences from Autopsy to a lot of Bolt Thrower rumbling, tank like heaviness.  Never opting to go into blast beat territory this 2 […]

Interview With Desecresy

Chalk up yet another winner in the Finnish death metal community, with Desecresy, a 2 piece act. In 5 years they have released 2 full length albums. The 2010, Arches of Entropy and 2012 The Doom Skeptron are among some of the finest death metal you will find anywhere. I agree with Tommi’s answer, when you read it, that they do have a strong Bolt Thrower influence. This is in terms of their rumbling mid paced heaviness that steamrolls all in its path, taking no prisoners. The band also has a thick Finnish atmosphere in terms of the riffs in that they’re heavy, memorable and played with feeling.

Interview with Desecresy

If you love your death metal dark, acrid, and Finnish, then look no further than the two-headed beast that is Desecresy. Exploding (or maybe “oozing at a medium pace” would be more fitting) onto the scene with Xtreem Music release Arches of Entropy and topping it up with last year’s The Doom Skeptron, the DM dirge of Desecresy is among the best I’ve heard, even in consideration of a Finnish scene rife with some of the world’s finest bottom-fed Chuggers of DM Darkness. Multi-instrumentalist/composer Tommy Gronqvist and catacombs-dwelling belch-bellower Jarno make one Hell of a team. Tommy offers this Demonstration of Death at no charge to the reader. Rejoice!