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Chalk up yet another winner in the Finnish death metal community, with Desecresy, a 2 piece act. In 5 years they have released 2 full length albums. The 2010, Arches of Entropy and 2012 The Doom Skeptron are among some of the finest death metal you will find anywhere. I agree with Tommi’s answer, when you read it, that they do have a strong Bolt Thrower influence. This is in terms of their rumbling mid paced heaviness that steamrolls all in its path, taking no prisoners. The band also has a thick Finnish atmosphere in terms of the riffs in that they’re heavy, memorable and played with feeling.

There is no further evidence of this than the last song on Arches of Entropy.  The song is called ‘Through Eternity’ and is not only my favorite song the band has ever done, but for 2009, was my favorite death metal song.  When I listen to this album, no joke, I will often press repeat on this track.  A slow rumbling heaviness permeates the listener with slow, methodical double bass and Jarno’s awesome low end vocals coming in to grunt the song name. However it’s that goddamn guitar tone, so heavy and memorable with the higher second guitar track melody playing that you cannot stop and hum this part over and over.  The tune is surely played with some depressive meaning and it’s very apparent.  2014 should see the release of their new album, Chasmic Transcendence  and it is a must have in my book.  My interview is below with Tommi Grönqvist, who plays all the instruments in Desecresy and is responsible for the recordings and does the artwork himself.  Talk about a DIY type mentality.  The band rules and you need to buy their cds at once.

Let us know your name and what you play in the band and why do you think being a 2 piece band is the way to go for you guys? Do you have session players for live events?

Tommi Grönqvist. All instruments; except vocals. Thus far we haven’t played live and that seems unlikely to happen.

You’re on Xtreem Music, when will the new album come out and how does the new music sound as opposed to your past 2 crushing releases?  How have you expanded on your sound?

There is no planned release date. While I’m writing this we have just sent the recording for mixing. When we have everything done we’ll see how it goes from there. The sound will be heavier on the third one. We have continued taking our style further in our own direction.

The Doom Skeptron was faster than your previous, but no less crushing album, Arches of Entropy. Is this the path that you’re continuing on?

I don’t think the new album will be faster than the second one. It may actually be slower, but at the same time tighter. There is a lot of effort put in the composition of the songs. At the same time we want our music to have certain feel in it but also, we want to make it interesting so it won’t bore the hell out of the listener.

I believe the Finnish death metal scene, right now, is quite possibly the strongest, right up there with Denmark, why is this so?  It seems Finnish bands are playing a pretty bleak, heavy and dark form of death metal, why is this? How are you different than other fellow bands in your areas and what do you think your band adds to the scene?

During the past decade there have been some good progress in Finland, perhaps generating more fertile soil for new bands too. I don’t really know why some countries seem to rise up in different times. I think Finnish music generally is a bit dark and melancholic. When that flavour is added to the boiling pit of Death Metal it gives its own twist there. After the early 90’s, Finnish Death Metal almost got extinct, but I’m glad there is again something quite distinctive coming from here. I think Desecresy differs from many other bands around here by not    trying too much to fit in sub-categories like old school, ritualistic, Death/Doom/Black etc.  Also we don’t aim to be so obviously ‘sick’ or ‘evil’ in our   sound. Our atmosphere is more subtle.

Are you friends with other bands, in Finland, and do you guys play out live together or visit the other bands shows/practices?  Is it a tight knit community?  What are some of your influences?

From my part, I can’t say I would be that much in contact with any bands. Perhaps on some occasions when I happen come across someone in a bar or something. Not much scene activity here. Of course I see shows every now and then. Torture Killer was the last I saw. I like their new album too by the way. It’s really difficult to raise influential bands above others. From Finnish scene I would say Abhorrence. The biggest singular band to influence Desecresy is perhaps Bolt Thrower.

Finland is considered the elite, in Europe, in the educational system as well as having one of the most peaceful places on Earth, to live.  How is it living there and what was it like growing up for you in Finland?  Do you recommend visiting Suomenlinna, in Helsinki; have you been there, what is it like?  Do you watch the show The Dudesons?

If you’re in Helsinki, Suomenlinna would be good option for place to visit. I hate to say this but in the name of honesty, I don’t think that Helsinki or Finland is that Interesting of a place for a visitor. It’s a great place to live in though. Sorry, I can’t stand the Dudesons.

Explain the Finnish food to us.  Have you tried or can you make Karelian pasty and explain to us, what’s in it?

Karelian pasty (nowadays) usually has rice filling and rye crust and it’s often topped with egg-butter. I don’t think making them is that difficult, but I haven’t done them myself.  Traditional Finnish food was about using ingredients that preserve well and were available in the distant north, which in old times wasn’t much. No fruit or other luxury items like tomatoes for example. So we don’t have the kind of culinary food culture as the Mediterranean or central Europe. If you ever get the chance, try liver casserole, have some mämmi (look it up if you want) for dessert and if you’re not hospitalized by then down it with some home-brewed sahti.

I have to say that your record label charges enormous prices to ship to the states and I was not going to pay $10 just for shipping 1 cd and U.S. distros have a tough time getting the labels music due to the high shipping costs.  Many times it’s months later that a U.S. distro gets yer item, does this concern you, as a band, since your music is not readily available over here?  

Of course I would hope that buying a Desecresy album wouldn’t take a huge effort or unreasonable amount of money. So I’m not happy to hear that. I think waiting is the best choice in this scenario.

What is important to you when crafting your music and songs?  Explain to us how the recording process has been for you guys, album to album?  What are some of the challenges in the studio for you and how do you prepare for it?

Most things are recorded in my own place so it is easy to record an idea and start building on that. Finding the right sound requires recording some things over and over again. That might the biggest challenge, but one I willingly accept. In paid studios that would be impossible, or at least beyond our budget.

How did you come up with both albums design and are you doing it again for the new album?  I thought The Doom Skeptron cover was really clever with the skulls in there, almost subliminal in nature.

Thanks! There is something similar cooking up for the next design. At least for one more album there will be a kind of continuation of the theme that was present in the two first albums. The idea of pages consisting artwork connected to the lyrics of the songs is also to be continued, but there will be more songs in the next album so maybe we have to concentrate on that a little bit.

What does the band name mean and why does this fit your image?  Where do you hope the band goes from here and what do you do outside of band activities?

I think of the name as a revelation of some kind. Something that is unveiled before the eyes and ears of the perceiver, or maybe still hidden in the mist of obscurity waiting to be discovered. That’s the kind of feeling we’re trying to establish with Desecresy. I hope we can keep making recordings and keep developing our style, and that there are some people who will find it too. I don’t see a reason to set other goals for our selves. I’m very happy of all that has been realized by now.

Any final comments/thoughts?

Nope, I think I said all I needed to say… Well, keep an eye out for our next release. Thank you for this interview Frank!



Black & White photos used in the graphic by Finnish street photographer Jukka Tilus


  1. Commented by: Drew

    Great band although I’ve only heard their newest release.

    The melodies over the crushing riffs is what sold it for me. Reminds me of Karelian Isthmus Era Amorphis…which make sense as they are both from Finland.

  2. Commented by: F.RIni

    Drew-how did you hear the new album, it’s not even out for another several weeks??? Thx for reading btw/ F.Rini

  3. Commented by: Drew

    Sorry Frank, I should have been more clear…i only have ‘the doom skeptrom’. I got that just a few months ago…so it’s still new to me :-).

    Will be getting the upcoming one when it’s released.

  4. Commented by: F.Rini

    Drew, ok that’s what I thought. Anyway. Ck out their first cd, incredible. Heard a new track off their newest and it’s ferocious. Frank

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