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Interview With Mörbid Vomit

While Sweden is the birthplace and home of buzzing, midrange death metal, other countries have dipped into the sound and come up with impressive takes on the sound. The Czech Republic (Brutally Deceased), Poland (Ulcer, Hereza), Greece (Wreckage), France (Skelethal) and even the US (Fatalist, Unwilling Flesh). Well Finland has their own impressive addition in Mörbid Vomit, an eclectic collective of current and former dudes from Black Sun Aeon, Devilhorn, Kivimetsan Druidi and The Zombi.

Mörbid Vomit – Return to the Crypts

So Canada’s Blast Head Records has thrown their hat into the retro Swedish death metal movement, and what an entry it is, digging up up Mörbid Vomit from the depths of Finland and compiling the bands 2012 demo and 2013’s self-released I Breathe Hell EP into one festering compilation. But you’d swear they were from the bowels of […]

Mörbid Vomit Set to Release ‘Return to the Crypts’ Compilation via Blast Head Records

Finnish old school death metallers Mörbid Vomit will be releasing Return to the Crypts later this year  on Canada’s Blast Head Records. The release will contain the band’s 2012 Demo, ‘I Breathe Hell’ EP + a bonus cover song exclusive to this CD. Says Blast Head Records owner Paul Shaw: “This is an Amazing album of old […]