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Domination Through Impurity – Masochist

Yet more solid 2010 death metal that I’m just now getting around to. This time, in the way and form of dynamic North Carolina duo, Domination Through Impurity, and their second release Masochist. Domination Through Impurity is the brainchild of guitarist/bassist/vocalist Joe Payne, who has served in Divine Heresy, Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay and […]

Abacinate – Genesis

I wasn’t overly impressed with Abacinate’s 2008 debut  albummRuination, as it was a simple mix of hardcore and death metal. It wasn’t quite brutal enough to be considered deathcore or death metal, and came across as a hardcore sheep simply trying to unconvincingly wear death metal clothing. But on their follow-up, Genesis (are these guys […]

Epitomite Productions & Teeth of the Divine – Massive Fall Giveaway!

Epitomite Productions and Teeth of the Divine are are proud to team up for this mind blowing, ridiculous giveway. That’s why there’s a friggin’ nuclear explosion going on. We’ve got not one CD, not three CDs, not even five CDs… but NINE (9) CDs to give out! Count ’em! Nine CDs! And three T-shirts too!