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Dyskinesia – Micturating Deposits of Grit Through the Urinary Tract EP

Dyskinesia is a brand new brutal death metal band featuring the majority of Sanguisugabogg.  Cedrik Davis guitars/bass, Cody Davidson guitars/bass/drums and Devin Swank on vocals.  This 3 song little ditty of an ep has been picked up by New Standard Elite and the band has aspirations to record a full-length too.  And even though Sanguisugabogg […]

Virulency – The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution

See album cover for review.  The end. “Hey, dude that’s dismissive.  Drop the cynicism and do it right!” Ok.  Sure.  Point taken.  “Don’t judge a book…”, “What you don’t know might surprise you”, etc.  Even if the cover of this “book” is as telling as Johnny Cash, the Autobiography by Johnny Cash.  The many tentacled […]

Gorgasm – Destined to Violate

Gorgasm is smarter than you think. That being said, let’s talk about misogyny for a minute. This band was formed when you couldn’t rummage through a metal cd rack without getting slapped in the face with album cover upon album cover of dismembered women, and in today’s PC climate that doesn’t really happen anymore- maybe […]