Micturating Deposits of Grit Through the Urinary Tract EP

Dyskinesia is a brand new brutal death metal band featuring the majority of Sanguisugabogg.  Cedrik Davis guitars/bass, Cody Davidson guitars/bass/drums and Devin Swank on vocals.  This 3 song little ditty of an ep has been picked up by New Standard Elite and the band has aspirations to record a full-length too.  And even though Sanguisugabogg released the killer Tortured Whole full-length recently there is still some room left in our overcrowded death metal scene to crowbar Dyskinesia into it.

The name of the EP Micturating Deposits of Grit Through the Urinary Tract is absolutely and positively disgusting.  I mean if you can place the visual alongside this corpulent gross little bastid on the ep cover – it all comes together.  Sanguisugabogg focuses more on heavier, groovier and doomier passages with gurgling and disgustingly filthy vocals.  Dyskinesia are more in line with let’s say full on blasting brutal death metal and in some respects reminds me of Italy’s Putridity, but also with some brutal slam death metal, – just look up bands on Slam Worldwide to get an idea.

“Vigorous Sadism Inflicted on the Infectious Pudenda” opens up the ep and yes get that dictionary on hand to decipher some of these meanings, as I am sure the band did with these Demilich long song titles.  Anywho, the song has vicious blasting and bowel-inducing growls from Devin.  There are some nice slam passages and the fast parts get into gravity blasting moments.  Plus the band gets into the 808 bass bomb drop territory so once that hits it’s to ensure neighborhoods are swallowed up by sink and stinkholes worldwide.

“Foregut Opening Disfigurement Originated from Aciurgy” is up next and the beginning is weird.  It’s James Hetfield doing vocal warm-ups or someone doing a spot-on Hetfield impersonation circa 1991.  It’s funny as shit.  Then the vomitrocious mid-paced rumbling and gurgling heaviness comes in to smother the living hell out of you.  Now I know some out there that are not too fond of the snare tone Sanguisugabogg uses.  That high pop sound, some critics have said is oft-putting.  Well, the tone Dyskinesia uses will knock those critics out.  It has a higher pop and almost comes across sounding like a steel drum, it’s so loud and um….poppy!  It can certainly be a bit much, I will say, however since the guitars and bass are so frickin’ heavy if the snare tone had a deep and bassier resonating sound when Cody rips into those gravity and brutal blasts it’s quite possible the snare would have been buried in the mix.  It’s like you almost need that high snare pop to undercut and lift itself above all the heaviness going on.  Anyway nice slam part in the middle of the song with Devin gurgling all over the place.  He goes for a more brutal tone than Sanguisugabogg, if you can believe that, doing a fair amount of breeees in the process.  “Premature Euphoria Produced in Acts of Pulverization to Progeny” has a nice little South Park opening sequence then right into the brutal blasts and slamming heaviness.  Devin sounds like he’s trying to create the brown note and mess his shorts – it’s awesome sounding, way to go brother!

Listen at the end of the day you’ve heard Dyskinesia’s brand of ultra-brutal slamming death metal before.  It’s fast, heavy with enough slams thrown in to knock you and the family rooster right down the toilet.  When I listen to ultra-brutal music I want my face torn off and then plunged down a triple flusher toilet and then hung out to dry.   Dyskinesia does that with Micturating Deposits of Grit Through the Urinary Tract.  This is not for the faint hearted and I welcome their debut album with open arms.  Good stuff.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
April 30th, 2021


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