Human Parasite
Proud to Build the Insidious Catastrophe

As astutely observed by Erik in his review of Fitcage’s Pighumanity, Soulflesh Collector Records from Russia is definitely pushing to match Unique Leader/Unmatched Brutality/Sevared/Comatose etc in Europe as a top tier label for brutal death metal and the more eclectic strains of grind. Over the past eighteen months they have been clawing their way up the food chain, releasing albums of increasing quality both aesthetically and artistically and are constantly finding new, unknown talent. More impressive though is that they are sourcing foreign as well as domestic bands, and they’ve uncovered a purulent little gem in France’s Human Parasite.

Any band that opens with a collage of sound clips from Predator is a winner in my book, and like that film, Proud To Build… is ruthlessly proficient, free of filler and is well aware of what it is and has no pretence to be anything then what it is, and in the album’s case this is straight up, brutal death metal. The opening depth charge of “Toying With Dead Cocks,” stoutly sets forth the album’s course, initiating a bulldozing charge that lasts a lean thirty minutes.

The palette that Human Parasite are drawing from is distinctly American, built around the core constituents of inhumanly guttural vocals, relentless slams and pounding blasts. The approach is well within this paradigm of death metal, but is executed with panache, precision and passion. The beauty is the simplicity, Human Parasite abide to a strict but simple ethos, when not blasting, slam, and when not slamming, blast.

Whilst this is the modus operandi of every brutal death metal band it doesn’t hinder them, and it doesn’t entrap them into becoming a parody of their influences. On the contrary, the focus is so honed that it stops you, forces you even to think that this is a knock off Effigy of the Forgotten or Destroy the Opposition. Furthermore, there’s no deathcore pilfering or pandering to ensure that the band is more digestible, not a chance in fact, and this is particularly apparent in the element that often causes the greatest rifts, the breakdowns.

These as well as the chugs are caste from the classic New York Style ala Suffocation, Dehumanized, old Pyrexia, and Internal Bleeding. The blasts though are moulded in the manner of Dying Fetus rather than that of the New Yorkers, and don’t pound as insanely as the likes of Disgorge (US) or old Decrepit Birth. Vocally there is one spectrum, pure guttural gurgling, it reminds greatly of John Gallagher from Dying Fetus, but is pushed to be even filthier and uglier (and no doubt, more painful for the man pulling it off).

Where the band flourish is their understanding of how to balance these elements. Take “Spreading Pain and…” it blasts furiously and fluidly before dropping a sumptuous, mid paced breakdown at just past the two minute mark. The timing and the construction of the piece is just perfect, they knew exactly when to make the switches in tempo but also, they don’t overcook the individual constituents, so there isn’t too much slamming or too much blasting just the right amount of each.

It’s the controlling of this pace that can often be the downfall of brutal death metal. It’s not uncommon for bands to overcook particular passages which not only ruins the flow of the music, but becomes annoying and an endurance to listen to. Here though, Human Parasite are fully aware (crucially) of the pacing of their compositions and this is in itself a supreme asset.

Not a single piece lags, even “Perverse Pleasure and Barbaric Torture,” which is just over five minutes and the album’s longest. Rather, it’s packed with some of the meatiest, tightest riffing on the album but again, the pace and construction is the greatest strength. Best of all (but perhaps the worst song title) is “Revenge Of The Injured Beast,” which stomps and stalks mercilessly, capitulating sublimely at a minute and a half in as the chugs hit hardest.

Proud To Build…is the proud work of brutal death metal fanatics. It won’t be lavished with praise, and will be most likely be lambasted for its stubborn resolution to honour its heritage. That though, would be missing the point; after all, the essence of this kind of music is to be stubborn, insular but above all, true to itself with no compromise.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Benjamin DeBlasi
November 19th, 2010


  1. Commented by: Evil In U

    Nice review. I’ll be checking this out for sure.

  2. Commented by: Desperado

    I concur, great review man! A solid album.

  3. Commented by: Tyler

    It’s pretty cool for sure, but “Toying With Dead Cocks” threw me for a loop at first…the vocals sound downright goofy at first. Thankfully, the vocal shennanigans stop, and the album gets on its feet. Great stuff.

  4. Commented by: Reignman35

    If you like this check out Acephala – Division by Zero that is also on this label. For brutal death it is an incredible album. Also check out Cephalic Impurity – Unique Brute Revival.

  5. Commented by: xbenx

    Thanks for the comments all, Reignman, I got the Acephala, have you heard Ezophagothomia?

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