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Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est

I have been following Moscow’s Katalepsy since their Musick Brings Injuries ep.  Debut album Autopsychosis in 2013 became one of my favorite brutal slam death metal albums.  That high quality output continued a few years later with the sophomore album Gravenous Hour – another excellent example of the band putting out monstrously heavy music. And […]

Katalepsy – Gravenous Hour

After shifting from a gore/pure slam band into a more rounded, complete death metal band with Autopsychosis, these Russians made my 2013 year end -list in a year full of great, brutal metal. With their new album, Gravenous Hour, the band have elevated themselves once again, with an album that is sure to be considered one […]

Katalepsy – Musick Brings Injuries

Holy Mother Of God. This band OWNS. End of. There really is no need for me to continue, if you like death metal, scratch that, if you love death metal then you need this disc and if you love utterly putrid, massively slamming death metal then YOU MUST HAVE THIS DISC!!!! Hailing from Russia, Katalepsy […]