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Dreaming Dead – Funeral Twilight

Lets be honest. There is simply too much metal out there nowadays for a fan to stay on top of it all. Thirty years ago? No problem. Twenty years ago? Difficult, but still do-able. Today? Fuhgeddaboudit… Even the most devout of metal collectors (which most us are) will find it nigh impossible to stay afloat […]

Dreaming Dead – Midnightmares

What is a midnightmare? Is it having a nightmare at midnight? Or a nightmare in the middle of a nightmare? I think that answer lies with Dreaming Dead, and it’s a lot of Death worship with some classic-Swedish metal (particularly Eucharist) thrown into the mix. Normally, this would not at all be a bad thing. […]


In addition to their upcoming trek across North America with Pathology and the legendary Master, Dreaming Dead have been added to the first half of Monstrosity’s summer tour. Thirsty for blood and eager to wreak havoc across the countryside, Dreaming Dead promise to deliver nothing but the most blistering performance at every stop. These recently […]

Dreaming Dead – Within One

Wow – what a raging blackened death thrash beast this debut is from L.A. based Dreaming Dead! At its core (no pun – there’s no ‘core in site here), Within One is a vicious thrash assault with splashes of melody throughout, excellent guitar work all around, busy, blasting drums, blackened vocals, and a definite old-school […]