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Dead – Hardnaked…but Dead

Despite being around since 1991 and with 6 full-length releases under their belt, Germany’s apparent death metal stalwarts Dead are new to me. But after hearing Hardnaked…but Dead, I can’t say I’m too bothered by the fact that I have missed out on their 20 year history. With a tongue in cheek grooving sense of […]

FDA Rekotz to Release OMINOUS CRUCIFIX’s ‘The Spell of Damnation’

After various splits, demos and EPs it’s finally time for the first full length from obscure death metal masters OMINOUS CRUCIFIX! Hailing from the crypts of Mexico, OMINOUS CRUCIFIX offers the world The Spell of Damnation, eight new tracks of crawling, rancid and occult death metal that will tear the ribs out of your putrid […]


FDA Rekotz is pleased to announce the addition of Spanish zombies GRUESOME STUFF RELISH to their roster. FDA Rekotz has plans to release the band’s next full-length album on CD and vinyl in the Spring of 2012. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is one of the most intense death/grind bands to ever emerge from Spain’s metal scene. […]

Massive FDA Rekotz CD Giveaway!!!!

Christmas (or other non denominational festival) is early here at Teeth of the Divine and playing the role of old Saint Nick is Germany’s own FDA Rekotz — home to the likes of German legends Blood and DEAD, as well as releasing the debut from Entrails. Through our divine holiday spirit, the label is offering 18, yes, 18 CDs to 3 lucky readers.

Goregast – Desechos Humanos

It never ceases to amaze me how many bands have managed to incorporate the word ‘gore’ into their name. From Gorefest to Gorguts, to Gore Story and Dr. Gore, it just never seems to end. I’m still waiting for ‘Gorecornflakes’… or ‘Gorepaperclip’… or… never mind. Anyways what we have in Germany’s Goregast is an old […]

Necromorph – Grinding Black Zero

To grind or not to grind; that is the question. That question is answered by Germany’s Necromorph in the extreme affirmative, as you’ll hear within moments of the calamitous ride that is Grinding Black Zero. More Nasum than Insect Warfare and characterized by a relative degree of compositional diversity within grindcore parameters, Grinding Black Zero […]

Revolting – In Grisly Rapture

Despite my relative familiarity with old school Swedish metal, old and new, as well as most of Rogga Johanssen’s many current and former Stockholm-styled projects (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Bone Gnawer, etc.) I actually had never heard of Revolting. It’s even more surprising that their newest effort was released on FDA Rekotz, the label responsible for my […]

Entrails – Tales From the Morgue

HOLY FUCK. HOLY FUCKEN FUCKITY FUCK FUCK. So there’s been a pretty nice movement of retro death metal resurrecting the old Stockholm sound in the last few years; bands from back in the day reforming (Séance, General Surgery, Evocation, Interment), some nice odes and homage’s (Chaosbreed, Kaamos, Hail of Bullets, Bloodbath, Lifeless, Rib Spreader, God […]