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Ominous Crucifix – The Spell of Damnation

So Mexico is getting in on this retro death metal resurgence with Ominous Crucifix and their take on cavernous, gnarly simple old school Incantation-y death metal. And while Ominous Crucifix don’t really do anything wrong on The Spell of Damnation, the album is still a pretty average effort resulting in one of FDA Rekotz’s weaker […]

FDA Rekotz to Release OMINOUS CRUCIFIX’s ‘The Spell of Damnation’

After various splits, demos and EPs it’s finally time for the first full length from obscure death metal masters OMINOUS CRUCIFIX! Hailing from the crypts of Mexico, OMINOUS CRUCIFIX offers the world The Spell of Damnation, eight new tracks of crawling, rancid and occult death metal that will tear the ribs out of your putrid […]