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Goregast – Covered in SKin EP

Germany’s Goregast have been at it since 2005, with 3 full length albums to their name including 2011s Desechos Humanos. They ply a form of slightly Swedish inspired death metal with some grindcore elements with lyrics in English, German and Spanish. Covered In Skin is a 10 minute, 3 song EP that was originally released […]

Goregast – Desechos Humanos

It never ceases to amaze me how many bands have managed to incorporate the word ‘gore’ into their name. From Gorefest to Gorguts, to Gore Story and Dr. Gore, it just never seems to end. I’m still waiting for ‘Gorecornflakes’… or ‘Gorepaperclip’… or… never mind. Anyways what we have in Germany’s Goregast is an old […]