NECROCURSE: Swedish Death Metallers Join Pulverised Records

Rising from the filth-lands of Uddevalla and Ljungskile, Sweden, NECROCURSE was spawned in 2004 with a penchant for all things brutal and ugly. Featuring current and past members of Nifelheim, Necronaut, Runemagick, Deathwitch and Swordmaster (among others), the band is now ready to unleash their chaos upon an unsuspecting underground via Singapore’s Pulverised Records in 2012.
Comments the band in a collective statement: “The time has come for the death metal rebels to rise from the grave, and forge a full album release of the Metal of Death! NECROCURSE are proud to announce the collaboration with Pulverised Records for the upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. The release will be recorded during the coming winter and include at least nine tracks of insane morbid death…”
Adds Pulverised Records label manager, Roy Yeo: “Having NECROCURSE on our roster was an easy choice as the musical style and direction of NECROCURSE fits perfectly with what Pulverised Records is all about: quality and authentic death metal. We knew immediately that the band needed a proper full-length album to further showcase their devastating brand of Swedish death metal at its finest!
In other NECROCURSE-related news, the band recently unleashed a brand new 7″ EP entitled Insane Curse Of Morbidity earlier this month via Aftermath Music. Click HERE to check out “Insane Curse Of Morbidity.”
Hellbutcher – Vocals
Stefan Rodin – Guitar
Martin “Märda” Andersson – Guitar
Johan Bäckman – Bass
Nicklas Rudolfsson – Drums